#APOSTLEGATE New Apostolic Church Touts Vax Via Operation Argentina Paperclip ‘Priest’

Luis Said (pronounced Sieeeeed), Operation Paperclip transplant from Argentina, 20 plus years ago to U.S.
NAC families HELPED his family, even giving them a car, I believe, all those years ago. Luis Said’s children (3 boys, now ‘men’), educated here in God’s Good Land. ‘Priest’ Luis Said has had many advantages that U.S. natural-born citizens have not. Most recently he has been touting the vaccine from the pulpit. EASTER SUNDAY, no less. Is he a doctor? Does he even play one on tv? Silly rabbit, trix r for kids – and coffee is for CLOSERS ONLY. Right, Alec?
‘Priest’ LouieLouie Said (Baltimore, MD, but QUITE the world traveler – he has friends in Florida – https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-bumbach-b0566077 Michael and Yvonne Bumbach – as well as Ralph Fuchs, https://www.linkedin.com/in/ralph-fuchs-64707021 and his wife Eunice – now Ralph that’s an interesting story there – straight over here from Germany, maybe 10, 15 years ago – anesthesiologist – Johns Hopkins – he moved to New Zealand a few years ago – and is STILL on JOHNS HOPKINS payroll – hmmmm), ‘ole LouieLouie – who DOES bear a striking resemblance to Hitler – no joke – has touted his ‘brown skin’ from the altar, and refers to Argentina as ‘my country’; not ‘the old country’ as many of God’s TRUE and LEGAL immigrants did, near a half-century ago. Luis Said, back in 2015, referenced Donald Trump as ‘the orange man’ on his Facebook account. He must like color. Wonder what he thinks about revolutions? Like a fool, I – AND MY MOTHER who they are FUCKING OVER with their lies – went to Michael Freund – https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-freund-62576a12 – another Dark Prince – who did nothing, who SAID he did something, had a ‘chat’ with LouiLoui…Hmmm.
LouiLoui spoke at my father’s memorial service in May of 2019. LouiLoui never apologized for the nasty, unGodly, un-priestly things he said to me on Facebook, in 2015, one of which was ‘What do YOU know about immigration?’ Hmmm. Such gratitude for being here, in God’s Good Land, I don’t think I’ve ever seen THAT much genuine gratitude….have you? In God’s Good Name? My father personally helped his father-in-law, as his wife’s mother and husband came here, to U.S. a few years prior to LouiLoui S and his wife, Edith coming. She is a nasty bird too. Hitchcock would have had a field day with her, not to mention Freud. Hmmm…Freud….Freund….’Friend’ ? in German ? I am not so sure. I do know that one of the Hebrew translations for ‘Remember’ is ‘Continue’. We ALL have God’s Good Work to be mindful of and to continue, now, in THIS DAY. Amen.

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