#APOSTLEGATE Get Your Deutsche Marks Ready

ANYONE who questions the ‘apostles’ of NAC – NEW APOSTOLIC CHURCH
‘NEEDS PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP’ – that’s called DEFAMEMENT, here, in God’s Good Land.
Per Timothy Hanline (from one of the ‘apostate apostles’ – devil den dogs): Hecht’s reply was, “Tim, you are so far off base. You need psychological help. You have multiple personalities. Get help.”
EDC & The Three heard and READ these same words, all of these years later. **Well, we all know, that ancient serpent’s only got that 1 little play. GOD’s playbook is HUGE, even as HE keeps it on the Narrow Path. This, and other of NAC’s egregious atrocities…well, there’s a new VIDEO….showcasing Schmidtie Boy using those EXACT SAME WORDS, in writing. Hmmm. #GET.YOUR.DEUTSCHE.MARKS.READY #PUT.YOUR.SUNGLASSES.ON #GOD’S.TRUTH.SHINING

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