#APOSTLEGATE New STD’s Systemic Truth Deniers


Rampant Biblical Ignorance in the NAC

NAC ministers are not Bible or Theological scholars nor do they aspire to be.

“Apostle” Hecht did not know that homosexuality was a sin until I pointed it out time him. When I read Leviticus 18 to him, he admitted that he had never read it before. Claiming that all of Moses’ laws were “common sense,” Hecht never felt the need to read the Scriptures for himself. However, this lack of interest in the Scriptures resulted in his believing that homosexuality was not a sin.

The NAC ministers’ knowledge of the Bible is limited to a weekly study of the “Word of Life,” which is a publication from the Chief Apostle. This “Word of Life” consists of thoughts from the Chief Apostle regarding the topic of each sermon. For each sermon there is a Bible text given along with a few supporting scriptures, and the rest is given out the “heart of the Chief Apostle.” This sounds good in theory because if the Holy Spirit is truly active in the “apostle ministry” then the words of the Chief Apostle carry just as much weight as the words of the Scriptures. However, because the Chief Apostle does not expound on the scriptures in depth, his use of the scriptures consist of a picking and choosing of the texts that support his thoughts regarding the sermon.

In order to continue the facade, the Chief Apostle cannot explain the scriptures in depth and must rather rely upon visceral references to various Biblcial texts. If the Chief Apostle were to attempt to explain the scriptures in depth, NAC members would quickly realize how inconsistent the NAC doctrine is with the Bible.

However, if the Bible is inconsistent with NAC doctrine, then why is the Bible on the altar?

The Bible is used in the NAC as a tool of deception to give the appearance that the NAC is a Bible-believing church. However because the NAC does not hold the Bible in high regard, the NAC is not actually a body of those who believe in the authority of Scriptures. The NAC has errected its own gods by giving the “Apostles Ministry” more authority than the Bible itself. Scriptures refer to this practice as idolatry, which is why the second commandment, which condemns idolatry, has been removed from NAC doctrine.

NAC ministers give various arguments regarding why they do not study the Scriptures. They say that the Bible has been translated too many times to discern what it really originally said, which is why they rely on “Apostles” to tell them what it truly means, but this short-cut to knowledge quickly becomes a short-circuit when they realize that the “Apostles” that they so adoringly look up to are just as ignorant about the Bible as they. Paul wrote to Timothy, “study to show yourself approved before Yah.” The answers are out there, but they do require study, which requires an interest in the Scriptures, an interest sadly that members of the NAC (and other Christian denominations) have long since lost.

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