#apostlegate.org #heil.HEINZELMANN

K Stefan Heinzelmann, German Import, courtesy of #The.NACSix months at Chicago Starbucks as supervisor then BAM – he is CFA for New Apostolic Church USA – New Apostolic Church USA (nac-usa.org)  and many of their ‘charity’ cohorts, including Clinton Cartel, iChange Zambia, iChange Int’l.
They are 501C3 and ‘not allowed’ to do this.  Furthermore, they have STOLEN my mentally retarded sister and my elderly mother from me via their lies, silence and corruption.  They are #sinsister.ministers and #rogue.rectors who have been in my mother’s house and continually call her and tell her not to speak to me because I am lying and, according to schmidtie.boy Thomas Schmidt, mr. #voicemail.blackmail himself, ‘you need help’.  
Same thing ‘apostle’ Hecht in NC told Tim Hanline Life Line to Members of the New Apostolic Church (lifelinetonac.com)
It’s their one and only party line and it’s tired.   Sadly, there is (always, it seems) more to come.  #The.NAC #The.TEXTS coming out soon. They shall be brought to book.

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