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NAC is currently the 4th largest GLOBAL religious organization. 
We find it curious that someone of your position within this powerful organization is truly unaware of the Cape Times reconsidered (after meeting with NAC representatives) decision to not publish article on the theft of monies, from a ‘man of the cloth’ who is now nowhere to be found, blowing in the wind.
This is a global story, easily obtainable. Schneider knows. He instructed 9 million New Apostolics that it was, and I quote him, “Fake News”.  He is complicit with the tyranny and socialism banging at America’s door now, America, one nation Under God. The ONLY country dedicated to Him in our Founding Declaration, Constitution, our Founding papers, our Founding WORD.
That your below response indicates no concern for His Light of Truth, since it is ‘not’ your ‘area of responsibility’, is of further troublement. We wonder where God thought our responsibility ends, while Moses was chiseling Thou Shalt Not Lie, Thou Shalt Not Steal, in stone.
You failed to answer the money question – exactly what organizations does NAC fund? Both domestically and globally? I’m sure that was just an oversight on your part. 
Where is the transparent accounting of members tithes? When will we see this?
While we are on the money, why are the apostles’ salaries such a big secret? Their retirement packages? No-limit, no-oversight paid expenditures? Why wouldn’t you want The Body of Christ to be privy to this? Does NAC fear it may cause resentments? 
While members were losing their jobs and homes, specifically 2008-2015 in U.S., where were our tithes going then? Did any of the apostolate experience foreclosures or bankruptcies? In the U.S.? 2008-2015? And if so, what would that adjusted loss ratio look like? Apostolate to members?
Where was NAC putting members money then? 2008-2015? No one knows. SHHHH, Secret. It is reported NAC was selling US church properties.  TAX free, of course….while building new worship centers in foreign countries. Was the exchange rate better then? 
We don’t know, since, unlike the vast majority of CA’s, we are not global economists or mathematicians, or specialists on oversight of government monies and how to best utilize them for the globalist cause. Name the last CA that wasn’t a financial expert, with papers and all. Nope. That’s not what Christ said is required. In fact we know he said the exact opposite.
You know, like the pope. Just last week he wrested control of all vatican monies for himself, straight out of the Holy See’s hands. Hmmm. He is the head of State, answerable to no one. Hmmmm.
That’s another interesting thing. It’s great, in the natural world here, to have multiple income streams. You own 5 companies, right? Lumber, real estate….so you know what we’re talking about. And your father was fortunate enough to be able to build at least 50 buildings for NAC during his tenure. And we, the members, The Body, are left in the dark.
Is that really the way that you believe Jesus wants this to stay? His Children in Darkness?
Please help Illuminate the Light of Transparency with the members tithes.This has been requested by many others in the past. It is time.
****The two paragraphs you indicated that you did not understand are in reference to Fendt’s inflammatory  ‘George Floyd’ letter published July 2020 – published while our cities burned.***** The Letter Bearing Your Endorsement 
He wrote Injustice and racism were what killed floyd. No mention of the lethal amount of fentinol he had ingested. No, not the facts, Fendt published his own narrative, stating that these disturbers of the peace are ‘hurt’, they carry ‘the wound of racism, lke a scab being turn off a wound” 
He repeated that multiple times in his letter, which was posted to NAC website  It was progressive propaganda, in direct contradiction to His Holy Word.
God tells us..History repeats itself. Remember the CA claiming Hitler was ‘God’s Appointed Servant? Remember NAC churches staying open during reign of Third Reich? Remember the True Remnant, The Few that said No this is not GOD’s word? They also, were sent to blow in the wind. No apologies or recompense to THOSE or their families.
NAC now promotes recompense for illegal aliens, while Remember, all summer, the NAC word was the Beam In Your Own Eye. Understand and love thy neighbor. Even..or especially.. while they are directly harming you and attempting to subvert His Good Word.
Remember? Jesus is our Warrior King? The other side of His Coin. He is looking for spiritual warriors now, in this time.
And shouldn’t your answer about praying for our Nation, the one founded Under God, the one He set aside as a beacon for the rest, be a little more heartfelt? Your answer was very defensive, like something out of school…see…I did my homework..
We fear His Children have forgotten their power. It’s like they are sitting in a boat, fiddling with sails, lamenting to God that He has sent no wind, not seeing the POWERFUL engine He had attached to the back of the boat.   Meanwhile, they have the POWER of The Blood, not even recognizing it.
We are always ‘in-season’ with God. And just as out Bible is His Living Word, His Constitution is His Living Document, breathed life into by Him.
Yet that always seems to be the way, the ones so Blessed do not always recognize their blessings, or the work that is sometimes, not always, required from them, for them.
God Bless YouGod Bless America

From: Erin Cook <erin_cook@ymail.com>To: “len.kolb@nac-usa.org” <len.kolb@nac-usa.org>Sent: Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 09:27:45 AM ESTSubject: RE: What has changed?

On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 10:41 AM, Leonard R. Kolb<Len.Kolb@NAC-USA.org> wrote:

Dear Erin,

Thanks for your message and questions.

I have added some answers and comments line-by-line below for you.

Wishing you a blessed new year,


Leonard R. Kolb

District Apostle / President

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From: Erin Cook <erin_cook@ymail.com>
Sent: Monday, January 4, 2021 7:24 AM
To: Leonard R. Kolb <Len.Kolb@NAC-USA.org>
Cc: NAC Baltimore <nac4baltimore@gmail.com>
Subject: What has changed?

Is there any particular reason for U.S. NAC to no longer include our nation and her leaders in divine service prayers? [LRK] no as a matter of fact I commented on this in the Jan. 3rd service with a verse from

1 Timothy 2:1-4    Pray for All Men – Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

That was a cornerstone for us, the Body of Christ, for many moons. What has changed?[LRK] This was not a cornerstone, but a teaching point taught by the District Apostle Kraus. Truly, even as Paul wrote to Timothy, it is well to do this, however, as he points out, the reason for it is to live a peaceable life in all godliness and reverence in order to inspire all men to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and salvation. Thus, we are to be an example of good Christians for others to see.

Would it have anything to do with the Catholic church’s current stance? You know, this past summer, littering their pulpits with pictures of criminals, who the ‘holy’ folks there called ‘victims’. [LRK] We do not follow the Catholic church’s positions.

We do have laws in this still, one, free country, indivisible under God. And if nothing else, we know our God is The One of Order. Part of which means following the laws of the land as long as they do not interfere with God’s Law. We ALL learned that in Sunday School. What has changed?[LRK] Nothing has changed, you are correct.  This was just again stated by our Chief Apostle in his Jan. 3rd service.

NAC”s relationship with the Catholic Church is a long and storied one. Why were you ordained in Rome in the early 90’s? [LRK] This had nothing to do with the location; it was common in those days that rather than wait an extended time for a CA visit, the brothers were sent to where he conducted a divine service and he performed ordinations.  This incident happened to be a DA meeting scheduled in Rome.    What was wrong with being ordained in PA? What is NAC”s yolk there? Globalism? The New Cashless World Order? One big pot for all ‘global residents’, with no national, country citizenship? It does appear so, on many levels from many vantage points [LRK]  You should be aware that CA visits in this country are generally decided to allow members from different regions the opportunity to be in the divine service. Thus, they are programed around the nation and ordinations/ requirements  take place in them, sometimes without regard of the minister’s home area.  For example, Ap. Buehner was ordained in PA.

The Body of Christ will not unite under Lies. Remember God gave us Commandments for that, in STONE  They were not just suggestions  CHRIST makes free. What has been coming from your alter, the ‘regugee’ and ‘stranger in a strange land’ and ‘opression” are not liberating linguistics. 

‘Patience’, ‘goodwill’, ‘peace’ – while our cities burned all summer. Burned by socialist thugs, criminals -under the guise of ‘inequity’. [LRK] I do not understand these two statements or their relevance to our church.

And we were busy all summer reminding ourselves of the beam in our OWN eye. Were WE the ones burning? DID NAC funding this activity? Did they, like many other ‘churches” pay the bail and civil fines for these unholy disturbers of the peace? Where is THAT transparency?[LRK] Again, not sure of what this means – the NAC does not make bail payments of any kind…

The stock answer for these questions, which I have been asking the upper eschelance of NAC for, now, a number of months, is ‘patience’, ‘whoever becomes president God will work through”.

No, God does not work through liars, and the evil ones who attempt to subvert His Light and His Mission. Although the evil will not win, it is imperative for us, His Children, to discern the times  And speak His Truth.

Although the church claims to be anti-political, they are not. [LRK] The NAC is non-political/ neutral, as you stated and is affirmed in our 10th article of faith. Not when Heads of State are meeting with the NAC ‘higher ups’ , discussing government amalgamations and attending NAC church services in front row.[LRK] I do know in some nations, people of political authority have attended our divine services, as they are welcome as anyone is welcome.  However, there are no political discussions.

Not when the Cape Times, after meeting with South African NAC officials, refused to print the truth of monies stolen, by a purported ‘man of God”. NAC refused to press charges. Where is that money? Which group has it now? And for what purpose?[LRK] I am not aware of this issue; it is outside of my area of responsibility.

Christ is the TRUTH. Christ makes free. You do not 

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