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FROM:  EDC&TheThree 1:58 PM EST

It would sure be Christlike for the church to stand up against bearing false witness against thy neighbor.

It seems our congregations have forgotten that one Commandment, chiseled in STONE. Thou Shalt Not Lie.

FROM: ‘Apostle’ Thomas Schmidt (schmidtyboy) 3:32 PM EST

Dear Erin, please help me understand better what you feel the church is not standing up to in regards to bearing false witness.  Thank you. Thomas.

FROM: EDC&TheThree 3:33 PM EST

The fraudulent election.

FROM:  schmidtyboy 3:33 PM EST

The church needs to remain neutral since there are so many claims on both sides of this issue. In the end, whatever is decided, our God will work through whoever the president is. In that we can find peace and confidence for the future.

FROM: EDC&TheThree 5:57 PM EST

We already know who the President is.  That’s my point exactly.  The claim is only on one side, not both.

And Fendt’s letter was hardly remaining neutral, I’m sure you would agree.

God doesn’t work through liars and socialists.  Satan does.  Lucifer SAID through Biden’s mouth they’ve done this before.

Biggest fraudulent voter election organization ever that they ‘put together.’ What happened to Thou Shalt Not Lie?

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor?

Seek discernment.  Very sad. The Church now pretends they now don’t know right from wrong.

Just like the pope. Global currency, no capitalism, kill all free markets.  God hasn’t been happy with the Catholic church for a good long time now.

France is getting ready to lose their, rather young, 62 yr. FIFTH Republic.

Muslims boycotting French goods on France soil, for starters.  Schneider, I guess is ok with this too, in his own country.  God bless you.

FROM: schmidtyboy 8:15 PM EST

None of us are good with anything that is trying it’s best to pull us apart.  Our best defense is a united fellowship of all Christians and people of goodwill.

FROM: EDC&TheThree 8:16 PM EST

Serious spriritual warfare with satan THE liar right now.  If we truly had a united fellowship of all Christians, our goodwill which includes discerning Truth, would have preempted socialism/tyranny banging our door down and stealing from us.

Good mean fought and died for our freedoms here.  We are the ONLY country to have pledged our soil to and UNDER GOD.

Make no mistake, President Donald John Trump is God’s Appointed Servant for America, for this time.  God’s Light Will Prevail and the evil will be eschewed.  He does not want His Children on This Soil to be hampered from Shining His Light, we are His Beacon for the rest.

Churches closed while strip clubs open.  We’ve turned into a regular Babylon.  Now is not the time to be ‘lukewarm’ For GOD’s sake.  We ARE THE CHURCH.

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