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Good Afternoon, Ms. Cook,

We are asking, kindly, that our email address be removed from this list. 

Thank you for your kind consideration and may the holiday season bring you great joy!

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From: Erin Cook <erin_cook@ymail.com>
To: Eunice Fuchs <santiagoeunice@gmail.com>; Ewald Barbara Gorenflow <engnac@verizon.net>; John Fisher <johnjfisher27@gmail.com>; Michael Freund <mbtfreund@cox.net>; NAC Baltimore <nac4baltimore@gmail.com>; Ralph Fuchs <rfuchs3@jhmi.edu>; bencalala@yahoo.fr <bencalala@yahoo.fr>; cookie102@verizon.net <cookie102@verizon.net>
Sent: Sunday, December 5, 2021, 11:19:30 AM EST
Subject: Re: Christmas Program December 19th

See below links. THIS is what they’ve been hiding.  And it’s not all of it. 

For over a year I’ve asked YOU ALL for help.  Instead, you’ve willfully denied theNAC’s history and what they are still doing now – to ALL OF US.  Denied Fendt’s propaganda, his ‘georgy floydy’ narrative. And talked ABOUT me instead of TO me.

  That’s called willful negligence and it’s prosecutable. You all helped to steal my mentally retarded sister and elderly mother from me.  It would behoove your souls to help now.

I asked MF (Michael Freund) who Schneider’s Daddy is.  He LIED, said he didn’t know.  Did not tell my mother that he was even talking to me while lying to me in writing for MONTHS.

schmidtyboy (Tommy Schmidt, NY) wrote I need mental help

Johnsy Hopkins is still paying Ralph Fuchs – in New Zealand – We’re getting FUCHED all the way from New Zealand

Walter P Neudeck registered Putty Hill Avenue as foreign exchange in 1965 – with FENDT-IN-ALL in Bayside, NY

aintnowhitepaper – #WHO.do.u.think.U.R? <https://aintnowhitepaper.com/>

apostlegate.org – #READUP.SMARTENUP <https://apostlegate.org/>

meTOOmaryland – #ALLhoganNOheroes <https://metoomaryland.blog/>

On Sunday, December 5, 2021, 10:08:33 AM EST, John Fisher <johnjfisher27@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi NAC Baltimore. What are you still hiding. You do know that COVID is non existent. And do you then suggest that my God has no idea that COVID is a patent registered years ago. Is the church funded and bribed for spreading fear. Nations have have taken their health departments to court and ask their health departments for proof that COVID exist. Up to now not anyone of these nations could or can render proof!! Do you really then know that family members cannot infect the other?  So then is COVID non existent in families. But surely God has no hold on COVID. HE IS NOT AWARE OF THE REGISTRATION OF THE PATENT. SHAME OF YOU SATANIC WORLDWIDE CHURCH. HOW LOW HAS YOU CRAWLED FOR BRIBARY THATS NOT ANYWHERE CLOSE TO BEING Gold backed. Are you then bribed by a non existent thing in a world wide vicious war that replaced rifles, guns, bombers with simple siringes and needles??

On Sat, Dec 4, 2021 at 6:35 PM NAC Baltimore <nac4baltimore@gmail.com <mailto:nac4baltimore@gmail.com> > wrote:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    We are planning to have a Christmas Program on December 19th for the Baltimore Congregation.  There will be a sign up list provided this Sunday.  Please sign up early to give our organist time to prepare if she is needed for your piece.

    In consideration of safety related to COVID-19,  an area will be provided for individuals or groups to perform that is isolated with social distancing. This area will most likely be in front of the Christmas tree while the first several pews will be cordoned off on that side. 

    Regarding masks while performing, we ask that only members of the same household perform in groups without masks.  Groups that are comprised of members from different households will still be required to wear masks. At all other times while not performing, everyone must wear masks including congregational hymns.

    Unfortunately and in an abundance of safety, there will not be a fellowship with food.  However, we can still have spiritual fellowship as we celebrate Christmas together.

    Please pray for a blessed experience for all.

    Loving Greetings to all. 

Do You Think These Entities May Be Related? https://www.federalpay.org/paycheck-protection-program/conscious-threadz-lanham-md AND https://www.linkedin.com/in/anestinehectormason AND https://www.theconsciouspress.com/index.html


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Dear Ms. Cook,

Your email was sent to a defunct mailbox at The Conscious Press and a security alert has been generated. As a result, all of your emails have been deleted from our system, and all future messages from you have been preemptively, blocked.

As an additional measure, please check your contact list and remove all contacts with the domain name: The Conscious Press.

The Conscious Press is a professional business, and the blogs sent to our organization’s business email does not align with our organizational interests at this time.

We wish you luck in your attempt to draw attention to the matters that concern you, and thank you for understanding.

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