#ThirdPARTY #theNACtheTEXTS #schmidtyboy 8/30/21

FROM: EDC&TheThree TO: schmidtyboy 8/30/21, 8:30 A.M. Evidenced – your knowledge of and participation in lots of corruption, in lots of places. Yesterday’s threats and harassment (by) ur s.e.c. GUARD To Me. Unwarranted. Did u sign that check? It may be crowded at that corner…Of Truth & Consequence…STANDING room only – Ephesians. Hanline’s Heroes. All of us. Global. HANLINE’S HEROES at The HAGUE.

FROM: schmidtyboy TO: EDC&TheThree 8/30/21, 10:45 AM Dear Erin, I continue to hope and pray that one day we can have a conversation. My suggestion is that if this is possible, and when the time is right, we do so with a third party professional who can facilitate. In Christ’s love always your brother in faith, Thomas.

FROM: EDC&TheThree TO: schmidtyboy 8/30/21, 11:05 AM (in part) Truth requires no third party. The court is facilitating correspondence regarding yesterday.

FROM: EDC&TheThree TO: schmidtyboy 9/1/21, 2:22 PM Ur message was found of interest. Facilitate, facility? PRO 3rd PARTY. WHO may u have in mind? Rather, in pocket?

FROM: schmidtyboy TO: EDC&TheThree 9/1/21, 3:21 PM Dear Erin, I think a psychologist of your choosing could facilitate. Thank, Thomas.

FROM: EDC&TheThree TO: schmidtyboy 9/1/21, 7:23 PM Sounds good. We’ll make it a 4some w a forensic accountant of your choosing.

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