Bauwesen = Construction jeannyS Today ‘Assimilate’, #youTUBE online ‘services’ #LISTEN4TheWord ‘assimilate’ it shouldn’t take long – pick a service randomly and you’ll hear #FCC Misuse of Electronic Communications Components and Content #loudANDclear #HEIL #Kraus.CARPETS YesterYear Many Lawsuits in the 70’s & 80’s re: sub-STANDARD flooring – District Apostle Michael Kraus’ Customers Didn’t Get What They Paid For #READUP.SMARTENUP about #theNACtheCONTROLLERS

New Apostolic Church, Abu Road – Jean-Luc Schneider (born September 18, 1959 in Strasbourg / France) is from Pentecost 2013 Chief Apostle and the spiritual leader of the New Apostolic Church. He is the 650th Apostle of the New Apostolic Church and was commissioned from Pentecost 2012 until his office in Pentecost 2013 as a Chief apostle helper. curriculum vitae Jean-Luc Schneider was born on 18 September 1959 in Strasbourg (France), the eldest of three children, and on October 11, 1959 by District Apostle Dauber sealed . At the age of thirteen his father fell ill, he died in 2004. In 1983 he married. Two girls have emerged from marriage. After studying at a higher commercial school and after his military service in 1982, he worked for an Alsatian gas company, most recently as Director of Strategy and Finance. Since 1980 he has been active in different office tasks in the New Apostolic Church. In 1988, Jean-Luc Schneider was appointed head of the municipality for Hoenheim. From 2001 to 2004, he was responsible for youth work in France in particular. Chief Apostle Richard Fehr appointed Jean Luc-Schneider in 2003 as an apostle in Nantes and at the same time commissioned him to become a district apostle helper. District Apostles A year after his ordination Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider was appointed District Apostle ordained and joined the official successor of René Higelin , who in the same day retired occurred. In the same year 2004, his father, who had been seriously ill since 1966, also died. In 2008 the couple received the blessing to the silver wedding by Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber. District apostle Schneider continued the work group “Bauwesen” founded by Higelin and inaugurated the first system church in Hettange-Grande in 2005. The aim of this project was to develop a church building, which can be used cost-effectively in France in various sizes (80 to 600 seats). The price of a church in 2006 was under 600,000 euros. ” In 2008, District apostle Schneider handed over the support of the communities in Mauritius and the Seychelles to the New Apostolic Church of South East Africa . At the European Youth Day 2009, District Apostle Schneider surprised the young people present with an idea that the youths could throw all rules and regulations overboard, but: “Keep Christ, that is the most important!” . Since the beginning of January 2010, Apostle Tshitshi Tshisekedi has supported the District Apostle Schneider as a district apostle helper , especially for the 1.5 million believers in the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On March 23, 2012, the Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber announced that District Apostle Schneider was to be commissioned to the Apostle of the Apostles on Pentecost 2012 . “I want to set the course for the future at an early stage” , according to the international church leader who reached a possible retirement age in 65 years 

‘apostle’ Michael Kraus, German Import, #HIS.DADDY owned a tavern – in #GERMANY. He liked the word ‘Assimilate’ too


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Essential Meaning of assimilate1to learn (something) so that it is fully understood and can be usedChildren need to assimilate new ideas/concepts.There was a lot of information/material to assimilate at school.2to cause (a person or group) to become part of a different society, country, etc.Schools were used to assimilate the children of immigrants.She was thoroughly/completely assimilated to/into her new country. [=she had completely adapted to her new country]3to adopt the ways of another culture to fully become part of a different society, country, etc.They found it hard to assimilate to/into American society.

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transitive verb1ato take into the mind and thoroughly understandassimilate informationStudents need to assimilate new concepts.bto take in and utilize as nourishment to absorb into the systemThe body assimilates digested food.2ato absorb into the cultural tradition of a population or group… the belief that tolerant hosts would be able to assimilate immigrants of whatever creed or colour.— Brian Holmesbto make similar… the only faculty that seems to assimilate man to the immortal gods.— Joseph Conradcphonetics to alter by the process of assimilation (see ASSIMILATION sense 3)3COMPARELIKEN

intransitive verbto be taken in or absorbed to become assimilatedFood assimilates better if taken slowly.— Francis Cutler Marshall

Jul 26, 2005#1Is there any connection between Kraus Carpet Mills and the New Apostolic Church or is Kraus Carpet Mills just the company that was owned by one of the ministers in the church?QuoteSharedap258313Registered User

Jul 26, 2005#2Well, if you look at all the NAC churches in the US, they got the red carpet from somewhere..
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Jul 26, 2005#3alexapexa1 asked: Is there any connection between Kraus Carpet Mills and the New Apostolic Church or is Kraus Carpet Mills just the company that was owned by one of the ministers in the church?

Michael Kraus was the President of the Board of Trustees of the National Organization of the New Apostolic Church through his retirement from the ministry in 1994, when Erwin Wagner assumed leadership. Erwin Wagner also held a high-level position at Kraus Carpet Mills. It is interesting to note that New Apostolic Church Canada and NAC (New Apostolic Church) Foreign Extension Board of Trustees in 2000 reads like a who’s-who of Kraus Carpet Mills:

Frank Guthier, Chairman, President, CEO of Kraus Carpet
Trevor Witt – related to Gary Witt, the new CEO of Kraus Carpet?
Nelson Kraus (son of Michael Kraus)
Harold Eckhardt (son-in-law of Michael Kraus)

The NEWEST President of the NAC Canada is Latorcai, who is listed as a businessman on the Canada Revenue Information Return… not sure WHERE he’s a businessman…QuoteLikeDislikeSharebertiesb1,021Registered User

Jul 26, 2005#4Gayle , for your information the DA Latorcai is a retired educator ie a school teacher.QuoteSharedeaconess8,5884Registered User

Jul 27, 2005#5Bertie says: Gayle , for your information the DA Latorcai is a retired educator ie a school teacher.

Really? On the 2003 Canadian information return for New Apostolic Church Canada AND NAC Foreign Extension Fund listing the Board of Trustees it shows Latorcai as being a “BUSINESSMAN”… what “business” might that be?QuoteLikeDislikeSharebertiesb1,021Registered User

Jul 27, 2005#6Well Gayle I know he was an educator but now he is listed as a businesnessman,perhaps he retired from teaching and went into another line of employment.QuoteSharealexapexa14Registered User

Jul 27, 2005#7So Kraus Carpet Mills is a company that is run by Michael Kraus and his family members who are also members of the church.QuoteSharedeaconess8,5884Registered User

Jul 27, 2005#8alexapexa comments: So Kraus Carpet Mills is a company that is run by Michael Kraus and his family members who are also members of the church.

If you would like a clearer understanding of Michael Kraus’ “relationship” with and “role” in the New Apostolic Church and the level of control that he had, I suggest you request a copy of the previous constitutions.QuoteLikeDislikeSharedap258313Registered User

Jul 27, 2005#9alexapexa1,
Michael Kraus died in 2003, he is the founder of Kraus Carpet Mills, LTD (and Strudex). He was in charge of the NAC US and was a very charismatic and autocratic style leader. Many people in the church worshipped him and I witnessed on several occassions, young girls presenting him with flowers before he would conduct a “divine service”. There is a very nepotistic network of family members directly related to Kraus that hold high positions in the NAC.QuoteLikeDislikeShare


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Der Begriff Bauwesen bezeichnet ein Fachgebiet, das sich mit dem Bauen im engeren Sinne, d. h. mit der Gesamtheit der Vorgänge und Einrichtungen bei der Errichtung von Bauten (Bauwerken bzw. Bauliche Anlagen) auseinandersetzt.[1]

Der Begriff umfasst alle Themen, Arbeitsbereiche und Fachdisziplinen, die mit dem Bauen von Gebäuden, Freianlagen, Ingenieurbauwerken und weiteren Konstrukten zu tun haben, sowohl die Beteiligten des Bauprozesses als auch die gesamte BauwirtschaftArchitektur und Bautechnik. Die einzelnen Fachdisziplinen dagegen betrachten das Bauen in der Regel unter bestimmten Blickwinkeln mit verschiedenen Zielen und Spezialisierungen. So stehen im Bauingenieurwesen eher technische Fragen im Mittelpunkt, während die Architektur stärker gestalterische und Nutzungsaspekte bearbeitet. Das Baurecht beschäftigt sich mit der Gesamtheit der auf das Bauwesen bezogenen gesetzlichen Regelungen, beispielsweise das Bauplanungsrecht mit der geordneten städtebaulichen Entwicklung (Baugesetzbuch), das Bauordnungsrecht mit der baulichen Gestaltung und Genehmigung einzelner Bauvorhaben oder das Bauarbeitsrecht mit den speziellen arbeitsrechtlichen Bestimmungen im Baugewerbe.

Die Akteure des Bauwesens sind „die am Bau Beteiligten“ (übliche zusammenfassende Bezeichnung): Der Bauherr, die Planer (z. B. Architekten und Fachingenieure), die ausführenden Unternehmen, der (spätere) Nutzer, die Bauleitung und Bauüberwachung sowie die Baugenehmigungsbehörden, also im Wesentlichen alle am Bau beteiligten Vertragspartner und Einflussnehmer. Das Baugewerbe ist in Deutschland mit etwa 4 % der realen Bruttowertschöpfung eine der wichtigsten Wirtschaftsgruppen in Deutschland.[2] In Deutschland gehörten nach Angaben des Statistischen Bundesamtes 2012 dem Baugewerbe 15.288 Betriebe an, die wiederum über 1.962.861 sozialversicherungspflichtige Beschäftigte verfügten.[3][4] Der Umsatz des gesamten Baugewerbes belief sich 2014 auf etwa 104 Milliarden Euro.[5]

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