#theNAC#theMESSAGE January 13, 2022 to:NewApostolicChurch from:EDC&TheThree cc:FIRST_FERRETERS bcc: ?



January 13, 2022 – The New Apostolic Church is, and always has been, anti-GOD, anti-freedom, anti-liberty. They went to the #RONG house this time. They have been on notice for 18 plus months. They took one of God’s Incorruptible into their man-made court-room yesterday, into that den of inequity. Yes, you read that right. The very same 501c3, in bed with courts and schools and publishers and a whole lotta other nefarious ilk, took a little girl to court because she told the truth and they didn’t.fuckin’.like.it. One particular individual claimed he was afraid of that little girl doing him ‘imminent bodily harm’, after he has done just that to her over the past many, many moons. She is literally wilting away from a broken heart because #one.particular.individual was instrumental in HARMING her mentally retarded twin sister – #one.particular.individual inflicts GREAT harm, ALL while ‘CLAIMING’ to be ‘of God’. What do you think should happen to this NAZI REGIME, Operation Paperclip, 501c3 ‘protected’ ORG?

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