#theSECtheNAC While we’re all busy re-imagining – Just Imagine If The #SEC Got Something Like This One.Fine.Day #hmmm

: New Apostolic Church Int’l and USA – foreign entity – please see attached website and do something about this immediately. They are actively harming their flock. They divide families via lies of omission and commission They tried to shut down a former member’s blog of truth and attempted to remand that girl to mandatory counseling through Maryland District Court on January 12, 2022. That is way beyond abuse of their position. They are nefarious foreign entity. They are liars, psychopaths and deniers of (France’s) Jean-Luc Schneider’s (subject of BES / Portugal investigation of numerous criminal activities, both foreign and domestic) identity and German NAZI roots. If they are not shut down, and something nefarious happens to my family or me, the blood is on your hands. https://apostlegate.org

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