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Those Boys That Requested #REMAND4MANDATORY counseling to #SHUT.HER.UP #SHUT.her.DOWN, After Almost 2 Years of LYING to EDC’s MOTHER, resulting in many losses, including that loss of EDC’s relationship with her mentally retarded twin sister, loss of power of attorney to handle estate of her mother, and many other egregious, UnGodly abuses. New Apostolic Church STOLE.her.FAMILY, told her MOTHER that there were newspaper articles put out after this 2019 article, that told the ‘truth’, and that EDC is a #LIAR. That’s #DEFAMEMENT101. That’s Called Abuse of Position. That’s Called Theft. That’s called being a #sinister.minister and #rogue.rector and #ALL.night.LONG too. Remember, folks, it’s only #DEFAMATION when it #AINT.TRUE #STAY.TUNED More #TRUTH.SHINING And it all aintnowhitepaper.

A Cape Town evangelist will trade his place in the pulpit for a seat in the dock next week for allegedly swindling his congregants out of R5-million.

Craig Freeman, an evangelist of the New Apostolic Church, in Durbanville, who is also a certified financial planner, will appear in the Bellville Specialised Commercial Crimes Court to answer to charges including fraud, forgery and money laundering.

According to the charge sheet, Freeman and his wife, Belinda, convinced congregants Richard Sims and Deon Scritten to invest in a farming development, Rhebokskloof, in Agter Paarl. The Freemans allegedly promised the congregants that they would each receive a 34% annual return on their money.

But instead the couple allegedly deposited the money in the bank account of a company they owned.

Sims deposited a total of R3.35-million into the bank account in instalments between July 2006 and January 2007. Scritten deposited a total of R1.43-million.

The Freemans are charged together with their company, B&C Management Services.

“They knew. that they could not conduct their business as the business of a bank, they were not in a position to pay the return of 34% on the investments made by [Sims and Scritten],” the charge sheet states.

The case has been set down for trial later this month.

“[Craig Freeman] was an evangelist in the New Apostolic Church . the one complainant was the deacon and the other complainant was a member of the congregation, thus both complainants had complete trust in him,” the National Prosecuting Authority said.


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