#theNACtheEXIT Interview


This could also be your testimony!

A testimony about your withdrawal from the New Apostolic Church will help many. If you would like to work to ensure that many more members of the New Apostolic Church find a living faith in Jesus Christ, then you are cordially invited to do so.

If you would also like to publish your testimony here, then just write us a message. The members of the NAC will read these testimonies with great interest, it will be comfort, motivation and help.

We know that you are not alone in your experiences in the New Apostolic Church. Many feel or felt like you. Read the testimonials on this website, then you know what I mean. Some have had good experiences, but others have also had catastrophically bad ones. Knowing not to be alone is a first step towards healing. It is much more important to get to know an alternative to the New Apostolic distorted image of faith. If you have not yet come to know this alternative, then please read in the texts of the section Jesus the only way. There it is shown what comforting healing and decisive for eternity path there is.

If you have already converted and are walking the new path with Jesus, please let your former brothers and sisters from the NAC know. They, too, must learn that the path of the NAC is a heresy and leads past the goal. The false Apostles of the New Apostolic Church and the Chief Apostles mislead the members of the NAC. We, as converted Christians who know the truth, have the mission to tell the truth to as many members of the NAC as possible. Please help the souls in the New Apostolic Church so that they can see the truth.

If you would like help, or like to help, just send us a line  info@LitIron.com We will not allow your concerns to go unheard.


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