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—- Forwarded Message —–From: Erin Cook <erin_cook@ymail.com>To: info@demandjustice.org <info@demandjustice.org>; press@demandjustice.org <press@demandjustice.org>Sent: Friday, January 28, 2022, 05:00:35 AM ESTSubject: #theNACtheJUSTICE
New Apostolic Church USA – New Apostolic Church USA (nac-usa.org)

We The Flock DEMAND JUSTICE for the vicious violations of The Ten Commandments committed by The New Apostolic Church, 501c3 government protected ORG (maybe a lot like yours, Brian Fallon?) that is really a Foreign For-PROFIT Entity – NOT For-Prophet.  
They lie to the elderly and abuse the mentally retarded.  Thank you for answering God’s Call to end this evil.
See this site for those to indict:
apostlegate.org – #READUP.SMARTENUP



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1adangerously aggressive SAVAGEvicious dogbmarked by violence or ferocityFIERCEvicious fight2MALICIOUSSPITEFULvicious gossip3worsened by internal causes that reciprocally augment each othera vicious wage-price spiral4having the nature or quality of vice or immorality DEPRAVED5DEFECTIVEFAULTYalsoINVALID6IMPURENOXIOUSOther Words from viciousSynonyms & AntonymsChoose the Right SynonymMore Example SentencesLearn More About vicious


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