JANUARY 30, 2022 Sunday Morning Comin’ Down

The nodules are back. I’d like to thank the following for all of their great care and concern for TRUTH. These fine folks, who willfully denied the truth ’cause they didn’t like the package it came in. And did more than that; engaged in stealing my sister via their lies. Believed the ‘church’ instead of one of God’s Truth Tellers. All while maintaining a semblance of ‘uprightness’. And at least a couple with opportune instincts, to take what does not rightfully belong to them. Here some of the liars and willful negligencers, the ones who had the Truth in their very own hands, but chose to steal, defame, ignore it AND NEVER HAD THE DECENCY TO SIT DOWN AT THE TABLE TO TALK ABOUT IT WITH ME, I asked repeatedly over a course of 16 plus months, and then use the ‘church’ corrupt cohorts to try to blatantly silence The Truth, are, in no particular order:

David Schauer – the one with the real criminal record, John Schauer – biggest disappointment ever, Raymond Messick -threw the words of Truth away, George Horn – EDC’s sunday school teacher and supposed great friend to her father; the 2nd biggest disappointment ever, Michael Freund – bad actor, the worst ever, who knew I wasn’t well approx six months ago and still continued to engage in conversations with my mother (and probably mentally retarded sister) that were defamatory and untrue about me, Thomas Schmidt – schemer extraordinaire, Joseph Mahr – comrade commander in US Coast Guard who sat at my mother’s home and lied, David Gonzales – Mr. Penske, along with his brother Larry Gonzales – Mr. University of MD, Luis Said – probably his daddy is of op paperclip origin and he had lots of help coming here and after he got here from Argentina decades ago – you know my father helped his family out with a car and was really nice to them and Luis Luis feels it necessary to always remind everyone of the ‘minister that’ he ‘is’, Ewald Gorenflo – another lifelong soul who both my father and I helped many times; i know that my father paid his insurance premiums more than once so that Ewald’s policies wouldn’t be cancelled and my father was never paid back – NOW, shouldn’t someone from the church with the DEEP pockets have paid that? Like Fendt, or Freund, or Schmidt, or Kolb, or Orlofski, or Ferguson, or a whole lotta others that not only run this ‘church’ ORG – #mob.STYLE – but operate our schools, all levels of government, all ‘ORG’s worldwide, that take money and don’t account for it – shouldn’t they have paid Ewald’s mortgage off? FENDT was aware and having conversations with them a few years ago – he could have paid off that house and not even thought about it – not even FELT it, when the bank was takin’ this elderly, in ill-health man’s home from him – the banks that ‘CHURCHES’ all own. Just ask Gale Fleisch in CO – he is instrumental. And taught his son, Corbin very well, as he is runnin’ his very own NGO ‘church’ out there. Gamin’ the system.

This is just a portion of the greedy souls who refused TRUTH. If anyone would like to see me in another courtroom ‘LET’s GO’. I was not the one sittin’ in the sacristy on Sundays and Wednesdays (and probably the other 5 days of the week too, now that we ALL think about it) countin’ offerin’s, cookin’ the books, LYING. Nope, that wasn’t me doin’ that OR engaging in the abuse of the elderly or mentally retarded. They’d like to say it was all me. They’d like that a lot. Let’s see what GOD says.

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