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Dear Amy,
When we signed the final legal documents, May 2021 **CORRECTION May 2020 – my mother’s will, my sister’s trust, I was named as executor of estate and David Paul Schauer was named to replace me in the event I became incapable or unwilling to uphold this responsibility.
I am writing to confirm what I believe to be true:  David and/or John Schauer have now been named in my stead – under the auspices of my mental health being in question.  This all started when I told the truth about New Apostolic Church USA – New Apostolic Church USA (, their involvement with criminal activities, their lies and deceit. This truth was not received kindly.  So unkindly, in fact, that the officers and administrators of this corrupt ‘charity’ 501c3, lied to my mother.
All of them.  And the congregation too – all while having the proof in their hands – in black and white.  Specifically, but not limited to: Michael Freund, his father Richard Freund, my Sunday School teacher George Horn, US Coast Guard Commander Joseph Mahr, are, to this day, continuing their lies to my mother.  This is psychological subterfuge.  And if it were just my mother, if it were just money, or a house, or a car, i would walk away.  Believe me, I didn’t ask for any of this.  Because we grew up together, I thought we could trust you when we came to you for the estate planning.  Because we grew up together, I thought you would understand my Holy Duty to my sister.
Because I grew up with a whole lotta people a whole lotta places – including the David and John Schauer who saw an opportunity for a ‘grab’.  They are all about the money.  So much so, that when my uncle, their father, was not well, and they needed someone to come in on a regular basis to help him – guess who did that?  Yep, that was me.  And would you like to know why?  ‘Cause Erin wasn’t workin’ a ‘regular’ job.  Erin wasn’t out chasin’ the money.
I was not only happy to help, but it was also one of the great honors of my life, to take my dog and go hang out with my uncle.  We had the best conversations.  I did not want to be paid for that.  I told John and David that.  John told me ‘If you don’t take the money, we’ll find someone else to come in’.  Well, no one really wanted that, so I took the money.
What I found THE most interesting in all of that little scenario – is that none of the five children that they have between them, found it a kind thing to do – to take a month or two off of their job(s) to go help out their grandfather.  Nope.  Not one of the five.  They are busy chasing money too.  Well, that’s fine for them, Amy, but it’s not fine for my sister and her care.  The family has shut me out, thrown me away like a piece of trash, and – I believe – changed the plans that my father, mother and I made for my sister.  That ain’t OK based on lies.  Not by a longshot, Counselor.
They have framed and postured me as ‘unsafe’ – Michael Freund started that with his March 2021 email claiming he was being ‘threatened’ by the truth, by my questions.  And the John and David have, most likely, gone right along with it, seeing an opportunity for some more money, that does not belong to them.  They received the same truth in writing and via text and voicemails.  David Schauer went to Putty Hill on Palm Sunday and spoke to David Gellner and a few others there – who probably told him I was crazy.
David Schauer never responded to my inquiries of him about that day.  He didn’t think he needed to.  He saw an opportunity and took it. John Schauer, after months of texting and asking him why he is not valiant for the truth – why he is OK letting this evil take advantage of his mother as well – finally texted me and said he will talk to me about what’s going on with ME.  Nothing about New Apostolic Church – that is – ‘off the table’.  And then proceeded to say we could talk about him and the ‘loads’ of stress that he has on him.
John is a world traveler, for his job, headed up by Germany.  He knows what time it is.  And he decided to take what doesn’t belong to him.  He decided to help twist my mentally retarded sister’s mind against the truth, against me, the one who was put here to protect her from this evil.  
Amy, you are a dyed-in-the-wool Marylander – we all know what that means.  And that’s fine.  And you are a member of the BAR Association.  You have taken an oath, right?  To uphold your fiduciary duty to your clients (in this case my mother – who is well within her rights to change anything she wants to in her will – we set it up that way, just for this-here type of situation).  You do remember, Amy, us sitting at that round table in your office, the table that was once your mother’s – your mother was always kind to me – she was a firecracker, but I think she really loved me.  
Anyway, you have duty to advise your clients via TRUTH.  I do not believe that duty has been met in this situation.
Please review the below site and advise. – #READUP.SMARTENUP

Thank you,
Erin D. Cook

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