Thomas R. Schmidt

3 Jeffrey Lane

Great Neck, NY 11020-1607

New Apostolic Church (USA Headquarters)

3753 N Troy St

Chicago, IL 60618

K, Stefan Heinzelmann, represented as #theNAC’s ‘legal counsel’ in writing and in Court.  Not entirely accurate.  He has been their CFA since 2002; one of #theNAC’s German imports who did 6 month stint as Starbuck’s supervisor in Chicago, and then was promoted to #theNAC’s CFA – with all kinds of foreign entity investments, undisclosed to #theNAC’s congregations, aka TheFlock.

Leonard Kolb, President @ #theNAC, NorthAmericanSTYLE

NAC North American Headquarters

6005 Perry Hwy

Erie, PA 16509

Residence: 5250 Robinhood Lane, Erie, PA 16509

Richard Freund, in charge of 38-39 countries for this supposed 501c3 non-profit, for decades, officially ending in the late 90’s or early 2000’s – NO questions asked. The internet is near-littered with his responses to others, over the years, concerning just these same things contained herein.

9688 Alexandria Nicole Drive

Lorton, VA 22079


My understanding is that Michael Freund laughed on the phone with my mother when she told him that EDC had said ‘he is a millionaire and so is his daddy’.  They all laughed it off.  BBV Construction.  Europe.  FendtInternational.  None of this is funny.


We hope the OIG doesn’t assign #inspectorCLOUSEAU. please GOD, not THAT. Thank you. Here’s the link for the rest of the egregious grievances for God’s Incorruptible: https://oig.hhs.gov/

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: “no-reply@oig.hhs.gov” <no-reply@oig.hhs.gov>

To: “erin_cook@ymail.com” <erin_cook@ymail.com>

Sent: Sunday, February 13, 2022, 07:17:35 AM EST

Subject: Confirmation Receipt for Other Complaint


You have successfully submitted your complaint.

Thank you for your submission. Hotline tips are incredibly valuable, and we appreciate your efforts to help us stamp out fraud, waste, and abuse.

We will review your complaint for relevance and completeness. If you have identified yourself, a reviewing official may contact you for further information. It is important to note that you may not be contacted by an investigator but that does not mean your complaint is not being investigated. Due to the high volume of complaints we receive, it is not possible to contact every complainant. The Hotline will not be able to confirm receipt of your complaint or respond to any inquiries about action taken on your complaint.

You may request information about your complaint through the OIG Freedom of Information Act office. Remember to phrase your request in terms of a search for records pertinent to your complaint, not status. You should wait at least six months before filing such a request.

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