#theNAC#theGHOST #jasperSTYLE not Casper #letsGOjasper

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Fakkert. Do you think his name is really spelled correctly?

Do you think Jasper is a ‘friendly’ ghost? He’s definitely a ghost, ’cause in May 2021 he was sent all of the info on this vicious arm of the VATICAN right here: https://nac-usa.org/ and do you know what Jasper The Ghost Did? RIGHT, you got it. He lived up to his moniker and DID NOTHING! #LetsGoJasper




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mon·​i·​ker | \ ˈmä-ni-kər  \

variants: or less commonly monicker

plural monikers also monickers

Definition of moniker


NAMENICKNAME“Hoosier” is a common moniker for a resident of Indiana.Twentysomethings. Generation X. Slackers. Why isn’t there a standard moniker for the flannel-clad, grunge-happy, jaded, cynical loafers born in the Sixties and Seventies?— James AleyLiving up to the exclamation mark occasionally inserted into her moniker, P!nk belts loudly, raps lustily, moans orgasmically, and, unlike Britney, is altogether believable as an out-of-control party monster.— David BrowneMore than a half-dozen automakers have announced electric pickup trucks, and Ford has chosen the Mustang monicker for its new compact electric SUV.— Bill Howard

SynonymsMore Example SentencesLearn More About moniker

Synonyms for moniker


HURT@CHURCH? email us: edc3@apostlegate.org


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