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tor·​rid | \ ˈtȯr-əd 

 , ˈtär- \
Definition of torrid

1a: parched with heat especially of the sun HOTtorrid sandsb: giving off intense heat SCORCHING
2: ARDENTPASSIONATEtorrid love letters

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What Do torrid and Toast Have in Common?

Gustavo Torres, the executive director of CASA de Maryland, an immigrants’ rights group, said the policies enacted in Baltimore ought to be a model for other parts of the state.



Gustavo Torres

Executive Director

Executive Director Gustavo Torres oversees the largest Latino and immigrant organization in the Mid-Atlantic. He is nationally and internationally recognized for his leadership and vision in the immigrant rights movement in the United States. Gustavo came to the United States due to the political and economic unrest in his country of origin, Colombia. He joined CASA’s staff as a community organizer and became CASA’s executive director in 1994. Under his leadership, CASA has grown from a small social service organization with a handful of staff members to a nationally awarded, multiservice, advocacy, organizing and support agency with a staff of nearly 150 and a membership of over 97,000, which operates in multiple states including Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Gustavo has spearheaded several ambitious campaigns locally, statewide, and nationally. Gustavo helped to lead CASA in 2012 to pass the Maryland DREAM act, which provided in-state tuition to undocumented students. He has established Welcome Centers that have served as a model for organizations across the nation and lead efforts to allow all Maryland drivers to obtain a driver license, regardless of status. CASA and its partners helped to increase the minimum wage in Maryland, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, and Baltimore City. Most recently, he helped to pass housing protections for tenants in Montgomery County and Police Accountability legislation in Maryland. He also served as a member of multiple transition teams for city Mayors, state Governors and County Executives and on numerous task forces and leadership groups addressing issues of diversity, immigrant rights, and multiculturalism.


All year long CASA provides critical services to immigrant and working-class families, and advocates for their rights. But our work is only possible because the support of people like you; individuals who stand with immigrants and understand that providing services to those in need uplifts our entire community.  Will you join us in our fight for justice by giving today?


Find CASA offices


Monday to Friday
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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