#theNACtheNAB #BlowTheHORN

#theNACtheTEXTS February 21, 2022 To: My Old Sunday School Teacher who I’ve known since I was about 8 winters From: the DEFAMED and deflated edc Time: 6:35 a.m.

Cleanin money, not souls over there, George. Harming the mentally retarded over there, George. Way past #pettyTHEFT. Way beyond #thePALE. What r u gonna do when the law knocks on your door? See, cause now, all who knew and turned blind eye, Participated in the corruption of my mentally retarded sister’s mind and heart, against me, ME, the one God put here to protect her….Cause u didn’t want TRUTH out…yeah, now u r all bein #broughtTObook #sheltieSTYLE. Takin’ oaths and not keepin’ em. Yeah. Just like that. Shame on you all.

HURT @ CHURCH? email us: edc3@apostlegate.org


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