#theNAC#theNEWS #rebelSTYLE #LetsGOjustin

———- Forwarded message ———

From: edc3@apostlegate.org
Subject: Vicious Vatican Not of GOD
Date: Feb 22 2022, at 6:28 am
To: tips@rebelnews.com

ARM of the #viciousVATICAN right here:

apostlegate.org – #READUP.SMARTENUP

Controllers, subverters, in our school boards, supply chains, pension funds, governments, election boards, ALL OVER and all in the name of ‘GOD’.

They take little girls to Court to #SHUTherUP and #SHUTherDOWN.

They told Rosa Parks to ‘Stand Up’ and they told Erin Cook to ‘Stand Down’.

Various international infractions of their 501C3 status, while they’re busy stealin’ children from their mothers, abusing the mentally retarded, and runnin’ the Electric Company.  

It aint God, and it #aintnowhitepaper, and now the WHOLE world’s gettin’ ready to see ALL about these apostate ‘apostles’ who go into TRUSTING homes of #theFLOCK and construct #FAKEcommunionCEREMONIES.

GOD says ‘SeeYa’.

Do you think those canadian/UN stormtroopers that hurt Alexa Lavoie had mothers or grandmothers that were #ofGOD? #HMMM

And where IS the church? Specifically Canada? https://www.naccanada.org/iMIS_Prod/nac

#jeannyS didn’t help Alexa or anyone like her. He is #DIVIDERinCHIEF and #CONTROLLERofBEEF #NAZIcentral

Heeeeeere’s jeanny….#straightOUTTAcanada January 2022 #cellRESERVATIONforONEplease

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