#theNAC#theJAC #bluSTYLE Call ‘Em Out and Call ‘Em UP #FUXnews ‘THEY MATTER NOT’, per GOD #littleBOYbluTOO

Contact Fox News Channel

Phone: (888) 369-4762

Get your deutschmarks ready too, ‘ole jackieBLU, ’cause YOU gettin SUED. GODstyle. ALL.the.WAY. ALL.the.DAY. And part of the night too. Did you know that in some societies, even today, LYING bears the weight of the death penalty? Did you know that? It’s true. And it’s ESPECIALLY TRUE for those in perceived positions of TRUST – you know, like #priestsANDpopes. You’ll see. You’re ’bout to get educated‚ĶGODstyle.

jackiBLU – he needed the money (per the Diceman ha ha – do you remember him?)
IF you find Andrew here vulgar, take a look at the VATICAN and all of their ARMS. And they don’t stop at just ARMS. Ask the little boys (and some girls) that these supposed #menOFtheCLOTH have abused, in many positions, over many decades. And the abusers still have their hands out – #collectinSTYLE. GOD says: ‘RECOMPENCE ENROUTE’

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