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HURT @ CHURCH? email us: edc3@apostlegate.org

HURT @ NEWSPAPER STAND? email us: edc3@apostlegate.org

HURT @ PLAGIARISTS.inc? i.e. jaciBLU (#dorseySTYLE) usin’ Jesus’ Words, ‘Follow Me’ AND the #foejoe #1987STYLE #hadTOstepDOWNstyle #REMEMBER? #FUXnws remembers #ALLtooWELL, email us: edc3@apostlegate.org

Saturday, March 5, 2022

7:35 AM

Good mornin’ FUX news, edc&TheThree here, callin’ to follow up on the March 3rd Probe.  We are near shocked we haven’t received your required response.  #HMMM.

When you do respond, please also include the reason fux&friends is no longer playing Our National Anthem upon your weekend ‘STARTUP’.  This absence instills innumerable inquiry and inquisition from WeThePeople.




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