#theNACtheWILL #cainSTYLE LIST v. LIST #courtSTYLE Will #theWILL be ABLE to Tell Truth?


Is Cain able?

Doesn’t FUXnws’ Will Cain look like a young Frank Sinatra? WILL #theCAIN tell #theTRUTH? While collectin’ #fuxSTYLE? #HMMM Do you think his soul may wake up, take the truth, and #LISTit? #HMMMM

HURT @ CHURCH? email us: edc3@apostlegate.org

HURT by FALSE NARRATIVES? email us: edc3@apostlegate.org

FUX’d over by LIES from ‘trusted’ ‘officials’? EMAIL US

https://nac-usa.org/ CLINTON CARTEL funders, sans #theFLOCK’s knowlege and CONSENT. Now, THAT’s a story there – TRUE STORY, ACTUAL EVENTS – still happenin’. THEFT of mentally retarded minds and ABUSE of elderly, still goin’ on RIGHT NOW. #HMMM


#illegitimateSTYLE #BOOTleggerSTYLE

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