#theNACtheIRON #handSTYLE? #litSTYLE #swissMISSphillySTYLE



Did #theNAC (like the pope and his cronies called parishes) take OUR money under the nomenclature of ‘COVID RELIEF’, as the honest were forced far from their lifelong trades? EVEN if those trades required no physical contact with anyone else. Yep. That’s what they did to us, #allTHEday, #allTHEway. And the churches were #countinANDcollectin #allTHEnight. **PLEASE see the above and below examples.

This honest outfit, right here https://litiron.com/ was unable to secure government contract, due to that same government requiring contractors to get the #JABit – #rabbitSTYLE, #hopTOitSTYLE. It’s TRUE – sometimes, less IS more.



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