#theNACtheWHOLE #9yardsSTYLE

#theNACtheTEXTS #schmidtyboySTYLE #memoryLaneSTYLE

TO: schmidtyboy FROM: edc&TheThree DATE: April 26, 2021 TIME: 6:52 a.m. Do you know the legal ramifications of defamation in God’s good land here? WE DO.

TO: schmidtyboy FROM: edc&TheThree DATE: April 28, 2021 TIME: 9:15 a.m. Mikey freundy told us that s africa ran newspaper articles saying the illegal bank there created by #theNAC was not stealing. We have requested face to face meeting showing us these docs. And if I have been mistaken I will publicly apologize. Next week is good for us. If we are not mistaken we will see you with the judge. We hope to see you at this meeting next week.

TO: edc&TheThree FROM: schmidtyboy DATE: May 2, 2021 TIME: 4:19 p.m. Dear Erin, you are my sister in faith, God loves you and so do I. You can be happy again if you get help. This is our greatest wish and prayer for you. Yours in Christ, Thomas.

TO: schmidtyboy FROM: edc&TheThree DATE: May 2, 2021 TIME: 6:29 p.m. It would be helpful for you to tell the truth. And stop lying to my mother. Now we have even more questions because of your dishonesty. Why do you need govt protections as 501c3? If all on the up and up? I have threatened no one and u know it. Yet u continue to defame me. see you in court. You are breaking all kinds of laws mr. new world order. if u all loved me like u say, u would come to the table with proof I am lying. so save the rhetoric. Tell it to the judge. It’s a big world and like I’ve said, it’s not just me. Many know exactly who u and frenchie r. Not just Portugal. u lied about his identity and who cherry picked him and why. Schneider Electric. CERN. The whole nine yards. They know it all. Maybe it’s u who needs the help. It’s called treason and it’s punishable by hanging. It would behoove u to reconsider ur current stance. Thus saith The LORD. Your continual lies are like a scab being torn off a wound. Inequity at its finest. God’s changing that with a just judge. No freedom for freemasons. Nope, those days r over. Think it all over. Take a good hard look. And as far as being ‘happy’ goes, that’s wat u boys have always banked on…That one universal truth that’s about to change and not in ur favor…Historically, when most societies have the choice of being free or being happy, Most take happy. MOST…not all.



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