#theNACtheCOURT #jesterSTYLE


#aintnowhitepaper.com #church.CZAR



Christopher Reber-not-Robin #supply.chain.org #ChAIRman of SOVEREIGN hopeWELL virginia Sits with elderly women of his flock at McDonald’s and garners information as he lies. #TSK.TSK #BYE.BYE #SWEET

(22) Christopher Reber | LinkedIn he lives in a mansion? Christopher G Reber, Age 55 – Lives in Hopewell, VA, (804) 458-2438 (truepeoplesearch.com)

Hopewell City Public Schools did you know that Hopewell is a SOVEREIGN city? Sovereign Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster Hopewell, Virginia – Wikipedia

3-1-18-final-Copy.pdf (hopewellva.gov) Minute By Minute CASHin.out in the sweet BYE and BYE

Karl Hoffman

The Other KARL (22) Karl Gut | LinkedIn The Other Other KARL (6) Karl Orlofski | LinkedIn

(22) New Apostolic Church South Africa: Overview | LinkedIn

Leigh Freund, Founder of ‘The Federalist SOCIETY’. Maybe ‘found’ with 501C3 MONOPOLY money? Maybe?

(22) Jon Freund | LinkedIn

Leigh Freund | The Federalist Society (fedsoc.org)

(22) Leigh Parsons Freund | LinkedIn

(22) Michael Freund | LinkedIn

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