#theNACtheLORD #BaltimoreDriveSTYLE

Do you think anyone here may have personal knowledge of this evil, right here: https://nac-usa.org/ ? Do you think they would really help right these evil wrongs? Do you think this is all in our imaginations? #HMMM


UPDATE for Agent Sobocinski: 3/14/22: Your office has been advised of the corruption contained herein: https://nac-usa.org/ in particular their Baltimore location https://www.facebook.com/NewApostolicChurchBaltimore which one of your agents within the construct of Lord Baltimore Drive is aware and has personal knowledge of. We expect this to be taken care of expeditiously, within the bounds of the law here, in God’s Good Land. We also expect that the peace order obtained by #theNAC’s cronies be absolved – LIKE IT NEVER EVEN HAPPENED – because that is True Justice. These little boy evangelists, apostles, shepherds – have framed Erin Diane Cook as being unsafe. Claimed that they are afraid of her all while taking her mentally retarded twin sister from her and estranging her from her elderly mother. Then these boys brought the cherry on top and misrepresented their CFA (K Stefan Heinzelmann), one of their German imports (circa 2002), as their ‘legal counsel’, in writing, in a court of law, here, in God’s Good Land. And then proceeded to frame Erin Diane Cook as someone who would ‘shoot’ their way out of this situation. HOLD! Not true. Let’s get it straight, she is someone who would, if she had to, ‘sue’ her way out of this situation. One by one. Each of those ‘men’ of the ‘cloth’ that has defamed, defrauded and materially harmed her. One case every month. With the entire Baltimore congregation called for their testimony each and every time. Yes, that is within the bounds of LAW here, in God’s Good Land. NOW, anytime any one of these little boys OR anyone who can read and comprehend that reading, wants to take a phone out of their pocket and call EDC’s mother and tell her what they’ve done, well, that may change the suit-shot-shenanigans, or it may not. We will see.



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fi·​del·​i·​ty | \ fə-ˈde-lə-tē 

 , fī- \
plural fidelities
Definition of fidelity

1a: the quality or state of being faithfulhis fidelity to his wifeb: accuracy in details EXACTNESSThe movie’s director insisted on total fidelity to the book.
2: the degree to which an electronic device (such as a record player, radio, or television) accurately reproduces its effect (such as sound or picture)
Synonyms & Antonyms
‘If I Were A Law Man’

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