#theNACtheFRAUD #nigeriaSTYLE Where did the $94,000 AND the victim end up, Apostle Talabi? PALILAR Int’l #Ghost Corp?

Is this THAT Talabi? https://ca.linkedin.com/in/olawale-talabi-5b483345

———- Forwarded message ———

From: Olawale Talabi <palilar@hotmail.com>
Subject: yahoo yahoo apostle charged after defrauding victim $94,000
Date: Mar 16 2022, at 6:42 pm
To: edc3@apostlegate.org, Olawale Talabi <palilar@hotmail.com>

Dear Sir/Madam

This is to put to your notice in respect of the above caption in Apostlegate.org News  on-line on the 5th of October, 2021 of Apostle Olawale Ibikunle Talabi and his company Palilar International Ltd  arraigned for $94,000.00 dollar fraud publication.

The above criminal case of charge no: FHC/L/346c/2017 before HIS LORDSHIP. HON JUSTICE AWOGBORO was withdrawn by the Police prosecutor after an in-house investigation by the Police Authority of police extortion by a policeman.

HIS LORDSHIP. HON JUSTICE AWOGBORO struck out the case upon notice of withdrawal by the Police prosecutor on the

22nd , October, 2022.

Attached are the authentic Federal High Court documents proceedings of the case.

We hope Apostlegate.org News on-line publication will find it necessary to publish and make the news a complete true publication because this has done a lot of damage and misrepresentation about the subject currently being spread online .

Pls be free to verify the attached Federal High Court documents.

Thank you and looking forward for a complete news publication in respect of the above subject matter.


Mr Olawale Talabi

———- Forwarded message ———

From: edc3@apostlegate.org
Subject: Fwd: yahoo yahoo apostle charged after defrauding victim $94,000
Date: Mar 18 2022, at 7:41 am
To: palilar@hotmail.com

Dear Sir/Madam

This is to put your notice of the below, regarding – New Apostolic Church International (nak.org) Nigeria’s fraud case – not the only one by a long shot – on notice, for incompleteness – #theNAC’s specialty.

Where did that 94k go?  Was that judge really honorable?  This one: HIS LORDSHIP. HON JUSTICE AWOGBORO. And how about that police commissioner?  Why did he or she withdraw the charges?  

The below attachments of the case do not detail the reasons for the withdrawal.  Incomplete.

Also, these attachments do not address the fraud, corruption, slander, alienation of affection and LYING by #theNAC’s admin to people that they say the love.  That’s #1. 

 #2 – this is just one of many global instances, which these attachments do not address, of the fraud, corruption, and missing monies from New Apostolic Church in many countries, such as South Africa, Uganda, U.S., just to name a few.  What does being an ‘apostle’ have to do with managing Los Angeles government pension funds?  And then purchasing property in Eastern and Western Europe with those funds?  As documented on the apostlegate.org site – which, unlike you and your ‘CHURCH’ / ‘VATICAN’ outfit, do NOT COLLECT MONIES OF ANY KIND.

Olawale Talabi, what were the circumstances of your apostleship?  Why do you believe that you are more heavily infused with the Holy Spirit than others?  Namely, others that do not involve themselves in criminal situations that need to be amended by questionable judges and authorities.  #HMMM

Please review the site in full.  Get yourself from context. This probably isn’t the last suit you’ll be seeing.  Just ask your cronies along the eastern seaboard of the U.S.  #evergreenSTYLE.

Instead of sending this incomplete documentation to edc, you should have looked into the material harming of her.  The New Apostolic Church, via their lies and silence to a former life-long contributing member, generations of contributing members, particularly regarding Jean-Luc Schneider and his family’s background, have nearly crushed this little girl of God.  Nearly.

Maybe you can get some documentation on why K. Stefan Heinzelmann (german import circa 2002) funds the Clinton Cartel sans their flock’s knowledge.  No?  The flock had knowledge?  Really?  Not according to Michael Freund’s answer to edc’s mother, they didn’t.   That mother, elderly, with a mentally retarded daughter that the ‘church’ is abusing psychologically, among other atrocities.  That is called a lie and you know it and mikey fraudy knows it and John FENDT-IN-ALL with this georgy floydy inflammatory letter – published July 2020 as our cities burned – knows it.  Who do you think you are, mister?  #HMM  We’re gonna ALL find out, aren’t we?  You say you have clean hands?  PROVE IT.  Provide the ENTIRE documentation – and the policeman’s too, who thought he didn’t have to tell truth.

Do you know that tommy schmidt, strait outta NY and mikey fraudy AND THEIR COUNSEL (what may these ramifications be?) requested MANDATORY COUNSELING for the edc in those court papers?  And requested her informational sites be shut down.  All while they lie.  And did not go into that courtroom meeting the Doctrine of Clean Hands.  You know it.  IF you can read, which we assume you can.  Do you think they wanted some of their ‘counselors’ and psychologists that were present in their 11/21 Switzerland Swaree? That’s RICH.

Did you mean to scare or threaten edc with this email?  If you were a true man of the cloth, caring, withing the LOVE of GOD, you would have taken a different tact.  Shame on you.


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