#theNACtheGO #subvertSTYLE

These guys here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GoFundMe will be named as one of the many accused in the upcoming trial. Right along with all those that knew of #theNAC’s corruption, lies and theft. Public and private entities. Those claiming to be ‘good’ and honest. Some of those same claiming to have more Holy Indoctrination from God than the rest of US. All while abusing their positions of trust.

Maybe Fox News, CNN, Christopher Reber, Jean-Luc Schneider, Leonard Kolb, Thomas Schmidt, Michael Freund, ABC News, Supreme Court, US Congress, Baltimore County Police Department, George Horn, Todd Shelton, Luis Said, Joseph Mahr, Havre de Grace Police Department, and many others. Others that have reading comprehension skills and chose to disabuse themselves of their duty to truth. And we thought we had a paper shortage now?

https://cooklinesinker.com/ ebooks may just pay ALL the court costs? Or maybe there’s some ANGEL INVESTORS, invested in TRUTH and LIGHT and SALT? We’re gonna find out. April Fool’s Day? Does that sound GOOD to you? Yeah, ‘course it does.

Notice mr. fendt’s use of the word ‘go’. Why was the edc discriminated against in this manner? mr. fendt says he is an ‘apostle’ – of CHRIST, no less. Do you think that sounds right? Do you think that a jury of edc’s peers will think it sounds right? Do you think we’re gonna find out?

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