TO: DavyCrockIt FROM: edc&TheThree DATE: 4/4/22 TIME: 7:28 a.m. What’s ‘church’ have to do with being global energy power broker? All who engaged in slander of and theft from me shall be brought to book. You should be ashamed of what you’ve done to my family David Gellner. Jean-Luc Schneider. You and Mikey Freundy, George Horne, Joe Mahr, Luis Said and others know EXACTLY who jeannyS is and you’d better start makin’ it right. Take your little phone outta your little pocket. Call Eleanor and tell her the truth. https://apostlegate.org/ Ur name in lights next? #hmmm. #theNAC’s party line: ‘Michael Freund said it was a doppelganger, jeannyS, just someone else with same name, and has nothing to do with the electric company’ – Yeah, that’s a dog that don’t hunt no more. Plausible deniability’s outta town. So please call Eleanor and stop the psychological abuse of my mentally retarded sister. U may want to do that b4 the LAW interviews you.

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