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OPEN LETTER TO ALL OF GOD’S TRUE: As you know, many NGO’s and ‘churches’ are foreign entities and traitors. These are people I thought I knew – 50+ years – one of them even held my father’s memorial service. Their lies have indoctrinated my elderly mother and mentally retarded sister, whom I hold a fiduciary, Holy Duty for, both of which are now lost to me because of Michael Freund’s, Thomas Schmidt’s, Leonard Kolb’s and many others’ lies. They even took me to MD District Court 1/12/22, requesting Peace Order on me, remand to mandatory psychiatric counseling (shrinks, doctors and preachers at their yearly Switzerland Soiree, latest 11/21 – you should TAKE A LOOK) and shut-down of my blogs of truth. These are NAZI’s parading as ‘apostles’. I was a contributing organist at this place on 1910 Putty hill Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21234. I thought it was a safe place. I thought wrong. Any help you may be able to provide would be much appreciated. God Bless You. God Bless Our Constitutional Republic. Erin D. Cook, 833-LITIRON

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