#theNAC#theBEAN #countersSTYLE

Vicious Vatican Arm – https://nac-usa.org/ – global supply chainers, energy brokers, bankers, school boards – https://nak.org/en – Schneider Electric, Jean-Luc Schneider.

Abuse of elderly and mentally retarded.  Division of family.  Betrayers.  These rogue.rectors and sinister.ministers that Erin Diane Cook (former contributing organist) has known 50 plus years, took that little girl to MD District Court 1/12/22, claiming ‘fear’ (of TRUTH) ‘and requesting PEACEonearthgoodwilltomenORDER, remand to mandatory psychiatric counseling and shut-down of her blogs of TRUTH – about them and their nefarious, harmful actions and secret activities, ie #SWITZERLANDsoiree November 2021 – shrinks, doctors and preachers – a real ‘Come to Jesus’ meetin’ there, brother.

Someone should take a look at the video record of MD District Court 1/12/22, and ‘ROLL THAT BEAUTIFUL BEAN FOOTAGE’


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