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robk1982 posted in “Kolb’s retirement”

Welcome back, FirstF! I don’t know why you needed to post with a new name, but whatever. 

First, it’s laughable that you think klitzke is on the NAC payroll! You obviously have not been paying attention to anything that is written on this forum. There are no NAC-apologists here anymore, and this Board has always been a important forum for uncovering some good-ole-fashioned “dirt” on the leaders of the NAC. 

That being said, I think I can speak for everyone here on this board, but we literally have no idea what you are talking about. Your posts, as well as your website, are EXTREMELY difficult to read. Your accusations are pretty serious and you offer very little, if any, proof. You also don’t seem to like to answer any questions posed to you. I will repeat some questions that I asked back in August when you first appeared on the Board:

1) What is wrong with Averett University?
2) What does an airport in Phoenixville, PA have to do with the NAC?


Another crooked NGO.  New Apostolic Church is an evil FOREIGN ENTITY.  On paper, in black and white.  Did you read where Buehner, out in CA – yeah – another ‘apostle’ – he runs the LA County Retirement & Pension Funds, with heavy investing in Eastern and Western Europe real estate – with those funds.  In black and white.   Read up.  They’ve engaged in treasonous, seditious activities – ALL over.  

K Stefan Heinzelmann – Clinton Global Initiative, iChange Zambia – it’s all there.  And these men in black have gov’t & supply chain positions all over – either IN the gov’t itself, or with their contractors and/or suppliers.  Why is their COO Randolph Bauer a North American Power Energy Broker?  What’s that gotta do with ‘CHURCH’?  Anyone with a brain sees it and knows it.  God don’t deal in incidentals or coincidentals. 

Flauntin’ false narrative of parishioners’ mental health – that’s the NAC’s m.o., resulting in at least one of those parishioner’s quantifiable material loss while abusing their position of trust – lying to the mentally retarded and elderly –  THAT’s SERIOUS allegations.  Dividing families by lies – THAT’s criminal.  It’s called PREACHER.PRIVILEGE and it’s ending.  Don’t you think that lies coming from preacher’s mouths count as ‘hate speech’?  These clowns of the cloth claiming in court – apostles and evangelists – that they are afraid of a little girl they’ve known 50 plus years – THAT’s diabolical.  They are afraid of people knowing the TRUTH, which they will – in God’s Time – and who knows when that could be?  Maybe tonight.  Maybe tomorrow.  It’s barreling down, that truth train. All because they do not want to admit the involvement of Jean-Luc Schneider in Portugal’s HUGE criminal case.  Look it up, maybe you’ll learn somethin’.

Who owns that airport?  One of Kolb’s relatives?  Indicted for lewd behavior??  
The posts are very hard to follow – HARD – so it must not be true.  #HMMM – Maybe you’ll do better with the chapter book that’ll be out soon.  It might even have some PICTURES for you.
If you were really concerned about the nefarious, harmful activities @ #theNAC, you wouldn’t have responded this way.  Lies compound over time. Like Michael Freund’s like about not knowin’ who Schneider’s Daddy is.  That’s OK, ’cause judges and juries – they read.  

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