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GOOD FRIDAY – April 15, 2022

Controller administrators from https://nac-usa.org/ – ‘church’.  That ‘church’ in global cahoots with Schneider Electric, https://www.se.com/us/en/ supply chain kings along with FAREVA and others.  https://nak.org/en their ‘president’, ‘chief-APOSTLE’ Jean-Luc Schneider, France’s un-finest.  Can you say BES?  Can you say ESFG?  Can you say money laundering?  How ’bout ‘criminal association’?  Oh and then there’s the ‘bribery’.  Portugal style.

1910 Putty Hill Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21234.  Contributing organist and life-long member brought all of this to the attention of the congregation as well as directly to the HARMERS and CONTROLLERS themselves, more than 1 year ago; including K Stefan Heinzelmann (one of the NAC’s german imports, circa 2002 – Chicago Style, StarBUX style).  So they all knew and refused to acknowledge truth.  Then proceeded to construct false narrative about edc, including requesting a MD District Court Judge (1/12/22) to remand edc to ‘mandatory counseling’.  Do you think they’d like to utilize one of the shrinks that were at their 11/21 (annual meeting) Switzerland Soiree?  Do you?

edc has ‘known’ these folks 50+ years, she grew up in that ‘church’.  K Stefan Heinzelmann advised in writing April 2021, that she is ex-communicated from the church and he prays that she can ‘discontinue her current behavior’.  Thomas Schmidt – ‘apostle’ residing in Great Neck, NY was also referenced in that letter, given to the Judge 1/12/22, along with steffyH’s nefarious history. 

The NAC has not only abused their individual positions of trust and perceived ‘authority’, they have mentally and emotionally abused edc’s mentally retarded sister and elderly mother, resulting in quantifiable material harm to edc and her former family.  Because of the NAC’s lies to edc’s elderly mother and the false narrative the NAC has constructed about edc, edc has had her inheritance and life’s purpose stolen.  What are you going to do about this?  GOD wants to know.


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