#theNACtheMIKE #radomSTYLE #safetyFIRSTstyle

Yet ANOTHER link in the chain – Controller from #theNAC https://nac-usa.org/ Mike Radom – my mother ensured there was nice food for his wife’s relative’s memorial service at 1910 Putty Hill Avenue, Balto, MD 21234 about 2 years ago. Knew this guy too, growin’ up. Another one that CONTROLS the ‘safety’ but not the TRUTH. Right Here:


Japanese Manufacturing #paperSTYLE #shortageSTYLE #radomSTYLE. Do you think he loves America? https://yupousa.com/our-company/

Do you think Mike Radom is still directing the choir for #theNAC? Do you think his talents may have been overvalued? #HMMMM


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