FENDT-IN-ALL Construct-O #StrawSTYLE

Chicago & New York, Sin Cities, Unholy Alliance

john.fendt@gmail.com 516-365-6012



TO: FendtInAll, Jr. FROM: edc&3 DATE: Sunday, May 8, 2022 TIME: 7:16 a.m FENDT-IN-ALL, We’ll ensure you receive the Special Edition, #SignedStyle, #BroughtToBook STYLE. Get your Deutsche Mark’s ready. #Xchange STYLE. Preacher Privilege ending everywhere. Lies comin’ outta u Men In Black. That’s called hate speech. That’s called abuse. Financial wizards, IMF style. UN style. JeannyS style. God exposed u ALL. Any given Sunday.






Blasphemous Baptizer, John W. Fendt, Sr

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