Esther Sent Us

K Stefan Heinzelmann, NAC’s German import circa 2002, Experienced CONTROLLER, Clinton Global Cartel Funder, sans the FLOCK’s knowledge and consent. #chicago STYLE

New Apostolic Church International:

 – Global Energy Power Brokers #COOstyle #randyBstyle #BauerFAMILYaffair #BLUEbloodCTstyle

 – Abusers of the mentally retarded

 – ApostleLawyers AdMINISTERing Municipal Pension Funds Foreign Investments while maintaining 501C3 PROTECTIONS #earl.BUEHNERstyle #straightOUTTAcomptonSTYLE #LAstyle

 – 501c3, takin’ little girls to court for telling truth #EASTERNseaBOARDstyle

 – Abusers of Elderly

 – Fraud

 – Corruption

 – Virginia is MAJOR Hot Spot

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