#theNAC#theARRESTS #citizenSTYLE

#theNAC suspendin’ their ministers for READING #soundGODLY ?


Where’s the #DOJ#SEC#FBI Oh, that’s right, they ARE #theNAC Sick, sick government operatives, parading as ‘church’. All independent ‘local’ churches, divided by ‘Apostle Districts’ (like the #FREUNDFraudFamily Northern Virginia Style), all rolled up under 1 BIG foreign umbrella. ABUSE of the mentally retarded. Separation of families. And quiet title real estate acquisitions. #SinisterMinisters Oh, and North American Power Energy Brokers, strait outta CT – #randyBauerFamily STYLE #diabolicalSTYLE#HMMM

Do you think there may be a HUGE international investigation into these #RogueRectors? Portugal knows. Vegas may lay odds on some #citizenARRESTS

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