Some People Did Something #soundGODLY?

What happens when a Priest in the National Organization of New Apostolic Church stands up for life at an ABORTION clinic? – That priest is no longer a priest for the #NAZInac – LOOK! these ‘apostles’ told Tim Hanline that he was ‘crazy’ and had ‘multiple personalities’ back in 2003. In 2021 Michael Freund (NIST), Joseph Mahr (US Coast Guard Commander), Luis Said (Op Paperclip Argentinian import), George Horn (Baltimore, MD Sunday School teacher and #RogueRector @ the Putty Hill location, which the MDSDAT says #theNAC can title in anyone’s name, not the church’s), Thomas Schmidt (GREAT neck, NY ‘apostle’), John Fendt (another NY nacER ‘apostle’), Leonard Kolb (Erie, PA) and others of this elite ilk, inflicted same abuse on mentally retarded

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