———- Forwarded message —

Subject: HURT @ CHURCH
Date: Jul 4 2022, at 9:59 am

National Organization of the New Apostolic Church

1910 Putty Hill Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21234

MDSDAT allows this 501c3 protected ‘church’, that real property, to be titled in anyone’s name, NOT the church’s.  And when questioned on this, the MDSDAT removed the public title listing.  This is just one example of #PreacherPrivilege, run rampant. 

As was the case when civilly inquiring about Jean-Luc Schneider, and Schneider Electric – what’s THAT all about? Supply chain much?

As was the case when civilly inquiring why tithes are funding the Clinton Global Educational Org and iChange Zambia, sans the Flock’s knowledge and consent.

These conboys refused sit down meeting requests and told my elderly mother (lifelong member) that this was all a lie, that they do NOT fund the Clinton Cartel.  Michael Freund and Thomas Schmidt in particular; MF (Mikey Fraudy) and schmidtyboy, respectively. 

Furthermore, they took me to court 1/12/22, citing fear of ‘imminent bodily harm’ from me, Erin Diane Cook, lifelong member and former contributing organist. 

I have now ben disinherited and impeded from carrying out my Holy and fiduciary duty to my sister here, on God’s Good Earth, because these boys felt the need to make me a non-entity – in order to further their foreign entities.

These sinister ministers and rogue rectors, many that have grown up with me, including my Sunday School teacher, George Horn, have willfully inflicted harm upon my family; specifically, my mentally retarded twin sister and elderly mother, as referenced here:

EstherSentUs – ‘Be ye catchers of men’ (

Erin D. Cook

God’s Warrior Servant

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