‘Be ye fishers of men’

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: Erin Cook <erin_cook@ymail.com>

To: John Fisher <johnjfisher27@gmail.com>

Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2022 at 07:42:58 PM EDT

Subject: Church Abuse

John Fisher,

You know very well that I am not a liar.  Yet you have allowed the NAC’s officials, along with the congregation, to abuse my mentally retarded sister, via their lies, which are now innumerable, resulting in my separation from her and my disinheritance of what is rightfully mine.  At church where I grew up – the place that is supposed to be safe, the people that proclaim love.  In that place that I now know, does not love America or our Constitution.

Can you say betrayal?  Can you spell it? It’s spelled lots of ways, one of which is F-R-E-U-N-D.  Another of which is R-E-B-E-R. And let’s not forget our favorite, S-A-I-D, Mr. Argentina himself, another NAC import that pretended to be a friend.

These boys in black have misused and abused their positions of trust. Never mind the litany of FCRA violations. Never mind they don’t meet minimal criteria for 501c3 status. Have you read up on those regulations? 

How ’bout the MDSDAT’s complicity with the real property at 1910 Putty Hill Avenue, Balto, MD 21234, to not be held in the church’s name. Why would that be? Something else I’m supposed to shut up and ‘stand down’ on?  

These little conboys in black, right here: New Apostolic Church USA – New Apostolic Church USA (nac-usa.org)

– New Apostolic Church International (nak.org)

You’re smart, you are a legal immigrant from S. Africa to U.S., you could have helped alleviate this suffering.  You could have, you chose otherwise.

You witnessed the apartheid in South Africa, your native country.  You are aware of the NAZI foundations of the NAC, right along with the Catholic Church.  Yet, you allow them to continue to lie about me. In court, no less.  You and George Horne, great friends of my father, huh?  George Horne, my Sunday School teacher.

You all didn’t like my reaction to being LIED to by people I thought I could trust for 50 plus years.  So you engaged in a false narrative of me being ‘dangerous’, right along with Michael Freund, claiming to be an ‘evangelist’ of Christ, when he’s just another government worker, Dept of Defense contractor style, another piece of their ‘construct’ businesses, far and wide. Have you checked out BBT Construction? Or River City Construction? That’s FENDT-in-ALL right there.  His father BAPTIZED my sister and me. John W Fendt, as the other ‘apostles’ are frauds and charlatans. EX:  the penning of his Georgy Floydy false narrative, published on the church’s website, July 202, as our cities burned. Sound Godly?

Michael Freund, who I grew up with in the youth.  Who lied to my mother, whom he has known his entire life, about the NAC funding the Clinton Cartel.  Who lied about Jean-Luc Schneider’s identity, about Portugal autonomously investigating him for money laundering, criminal association and much more, involving ESFG / BES. That information on ESFG / BES was in the packet sent to you March 2021, the one you willfully ignored. Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone in that. 

Remember Michael Freund told the congregation that Jean-Luc Schnider, the NAC’s ‘chief-apostle’ (straight outta France – currently on their 5th republic) was not the same Jean-Luc Schnider that owns Schneider Electric, Societas Europea outfit, that purchased ProLEIT AG, a supply chain syndicate of sorts, back in August 2020 (#August Acquisition)

When you and Naureen came here, to the US to raise your children, did the National Organization of the New Apostolic Church help set up her job at with Children’s Youth Services for the state of Maryland?  As you are well aware, The NAC has their operatives in all areas of government, banking, education, cash-lending businesses and much, much more.  Sound Godly?

You and she know better than to allow this evil to continue.  All of you who bore witness to the NAC’s abuse of my family shall be brought to book.  You should have done the right thing, the Godly thing, instead of allowing my mentally retarded twin sister to believe I am in need of ‘mental help’ and that I am ‘dangerous’.  

You know that she is my Holy Duty here on this plane, and you, Naureen and the rest of the STD’s (Systemic Truth Deniers) at the NAC are legally answering for your actions and inactions.

Erin D. Cook

God’s Warrior Servant

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