Birthday Boy #BirthdaySUITMatters #BlackSUITMatters #OnCALL

LOOK! Here’s another Mike Freund with the SCHNEIDER Elect Connect: Probably just someone else with the same name

Do you think that Eleanor Neudeck Cook, the edc’s mother, gave Mikey Fraudy a birthday present again this year? Like in July 2020 when he called to thank the 3 of them (edc, her poor sister, and now, her poor mother) for the Edible Arrangements Fruit Basket sent via Special Delivery to him in Virginia? That special ‘evangelist’? #someONE should call and ask her. Eleanor needs the truth, folks. She’s past 80 years of age and has been TRICKED and FOOLED her entire life, by these evil entities. These sick, diabolical NACers. Both foreign and domestic.


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