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Sent: Monday, April 5, 2021 11:30 AM
To: Len.Kolb@nac-usa.org <Len.Kolb@nac-usa.org>
Cc: John.Fendt@nac-usa.org <John.Fendt@nac-usa.org>; Earl.Buehner@nac-usa.org <Earl.Buehner@nac-usa.org>; Robert.Ferguson@nac-usa.org <Robert.Ferguson@nac-usa.org>; Karl.Orlofski@nac-usa.org <Karl.Orlofski@nac-usa.org>; Thomas.Schmidt@nac-usa.org <Thomas.Schmidt@nac-usa.org>; mbtfreund@cox.net <mbtfreund@cox.net>
Subject: Re: NDSP Roots of Jean-Luc Schneider – New Apostolic Church – NAC / NAK LRK,
You will be brought to book for willfully concealing the identity of Jean-Luc Schneider (?born Jean Schneider?), president of Schneider Electric, FRENCHIE – let’s just call him FRENCHIE – attempting global control of food supply lines, electricity supply, pharma and medicine supply line controls, among other atrocities, such as legislating ABORTION.  Nope, that’s not God and now He says any Just Judge will see to it that ALL shall know.  He also says there are more and more of the JUST in positions to be able to overturn Lucifer’s LIES.  Erin Cook says she can’t f’in wait 😄(pardon me, Lord)

ALL of your ill-gotten gains will be DELIVERED to me, God’s Warrior Servant, in gold and silver, to be cleansed for His Children.  You can do this the easier way or the harder way.  Makes no difference to me, OR God.

You are now ‘suggesting’ that members of New Apostolic Church ALL get the vaccine so that ‘church can re-open again.’  You are requiring that they have this UNPROVEN vaccine, which people have DIED from receiving – to re-open church?  Who do you think you are?  Caesar?  ‘Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’. DID YOU MISS THAT PART OF SCRIPTURE?
Who wants to go to that ‘church’? One that HIDES their financials – and NOT in the Cleft of The ROCK brother, nope, not hiding there.  Do not worry, God says the precedents ‘sort of’ set by the previous cases brought against you, were not overseen by The Just.  And this time is different.  WAY different.  ‘THE WAY, THE TRUTH, THE LIFE’.
Have no other members come to you concerned, VERY concerned, that secular businesses (BIG BOX / ESSENTIAL) are WIDE open, as ‘CHURCHES’ – LET’S CALL THEM WHAT THEY ARE – NGO’S – 501(C)3’S – Now have GLOBAL protection,  not just U.S. protection.  WHO gave you THAT kind of power?  Maybe a couple of the global elite, maybe congress, maybe other leaders in other nations – at least PORTUGAL thinks so – but DEFINITELY not Our Good Triune God.  Nope, definitely not Those Three.
You are and always have been, running Jesus’ WORD like a business.  You’ve got a hell of a nerve, pal.  A hell of a nerve.  He has Commissioned many of us to Bring You To Book.  Your lies have already been untangled.
Who has given you or NAC authority to use THE INNOCENT’S money and not tell us where it’s going? Letting those same members lose their homes. ALL THE WHILE, having the money and means to prevent that from happening.  Did you do that?  Rhetoric at its finest.  Did you do that?  HAH.  You would have never even thought about GIVING that kind of TRUE help, as you are too busy keeping members in GRIEF, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION – Who has given YOU authority to hide the National Democratic Socialist Party roots of Jean-Luc Schneider?  Who has given you the authority to blackmail little girls like me?  WHO indeed?  BAM there it is – WHO – World Health Organization.  That’s WHO.WHO has given you the authority to set up crooked banks in South America?  Taking from the VERY poor there.  Profiting off of the poor.John Wolfe Agency. UGANDA orphanages.  What’s that racquet all about?  Hmmmm.  That may be the very worst of all….it MAY be.Several federal judges who are not on your (The ORG’s) payroll advise that your activities – including DECADES worth of illegal recordings, not only have nothing to do with Our Good Good), but are against HIS GREAT CONSTITUTION, punishable by LAW.
Do you remember that one line in the FENDT George Floyd Letter?  That piece of poetic propaganda – where Fendt said we are to ‘go’, go to those in need, the poor, the stranger – he might as well have said THE ILLEGAL ALIENS – you know, you endorsed it your very self – Fendt said in that letter some are ‘in prison’, a place ‘any of us’ could find ourselves.Now, I suppose if I was out and about trying to pass phony money, all highed up, all jacked up, YEAH – that WOULD be a probable path to prison.  Or deceiving God’s True Remnant, well, now, that’s a VERY probable prison path there.  Isn’t it?
You and the rest of your boys – what are you, exactly?  Illuminati?  Freemasons? Teutonic Knights?  You’re something, all right – you now want to turn this around on ‘People Like Us’ (*Aaron Tippin).  Faithful members, with faithful grandparents and parents.  Faithful to YOU subverting US.  God says ‘NO MORE’.  Enough is enough.

jeannyS Schneider Elect TRICK

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