Some ‘C’ Words: Children, Consummate, Coalition, County, CHRIST Call for #GODLYGovernors

CHRIST’S Children Consummate Victims #CoalitionSTYLE: Where’s Their ‘WELCOME MAT’? #schoolSTYLE #MidnightInMONGTGOMERY #CountySTYLE

Remember folks, the NGO’s (misnomer) like the Catholic Church, New Apostolic Church, COLLECTIN’ ‘CHARITIES’, super-duper PROUD of their inequitable inclusion agenda. Montgomery County special, that’s where #theNAC, home of #schmidtyboy (Global)- tried to quietly acquire that $2 MILLION real estate property, remember? Of course you do. #MourningMontgomery

Not MARLYLAND, nope, not suing for inequitable offenses. Not yet, anyway. WRITE-IN CANDIDATE Erin D. Cook on ‘governor’ ballot. #COOKCOUNSELOR #BACKtoGOD

Alan Jackson, see, this is a man. The author of this blog is a woman. #scornedSTYLE #unambiguousSTYLE (Do you think our children know that WORD? Ambiguous. Let’s give them a hint: ‘For I am the LORD, I change not’ MALACHI 3:6

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