GOD’s CURRICULUM fbi Style #schmidtyboy STYLE

Per GOD, here’s the fbi’s up and coming targets: 1. Randall Bauer (CT) aka randyB https://nac-usa.org/, their #COO. North American Power Energy Broker, Supply Chainer, Logistics Legend, Abuser of Trust, elderly women, and the mentally retarded, via his and his foot soldiers and cohorts lies. Lies of Mass Destruction, family dismemberment style, by those we knew best. 2. Leonard Kolb (PA) aka littlelennyK, see above, and below. 3. Michael Freund, aka MF aka Mikey Fraudy, see above, and below. 4. Joseph Mahr, aka Mahr-a-Bungo, US Coast Guard Commander, Ft DeTRICK style, received the March 2021 packet advising of the Schneider ElectTRICK’s 2020 August Acquisition of ProLeit AG supply chain for food, pharma, brewery, ENERGY and the connection to #theNAC and Schneider.

And the ESFG/BES debacle, and Portugal’s autonomous investigation of Jean-Luc Schneider (mr. UN, mr. WEF, mr. WHOLE LOT THAT’S NOT GOD) ‘Priest’ Mahr willfully ignored this and subsequent follow-up calls / emails / texts, from a member, clearly in distress about this evil action. He chose to actively participate in the false narrative, verbal hate speech about Erin D. Cook, to her mentally retarded twin sister, on her mother’s veranda as her mother served them tea and crumpets. Can you even IMAGINE?

It’s a good thing Erin D. Cook is a woman of GOD. And picks up the pen instead of the sword, not like them, those NGO little boys, corporate MOB thugs, #ViciousVaticanSTYLE, who don’t pay taxes like the rest of us, and don’t have to have their cars inspected for emissions, like the rest of us. And don’t pay federal tax like the rest of us, because that’s a benefit of being a government employee. #schmidtyboy SHAMEFUL.

Comrade Mahr attended my father’s memorial service and his wife, the other organist, did a beautiful job of playing the organ that day. We feel like fools now.

GOD says he is finished with HIS True, His Incorruptible, being abused by Vicious Vatican Evil Ilk. fbi included. He Says, ‘DO THE RIGHT THINGS’ edc says ‘did you ever have a mother or grandmother that was a True Believer?’

5. Every Single Schneider Electric Outlet here in the U.S. and her territories. And maybe Canada too. We heard tell the #ViciousVatican is havin’ some problems gettin’ their message out there now. SCAT, SCAT, Foreign CAT


Curriculum: term often refers specifically to a planned sequence of instruction,


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