A Rose By Any Other Name

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According to police, Kolb back on Aug. 16 was at a local Winn-Dixie grocery store.

“While at that store, on that date, Hellmuth Kolb attempted to purchase a female minor child for $100,000.00, from her parent,” officers said. “Due to the parent’s clear concern that someone was insistent on attempting to purchase their daughter in a grocery store, we were notified. Unfortunately for him, we were able to confirm through his Probation Officer that Mr. Kolb is currently on probation for similar issues, and he is not to have any contact with minor children.”


“An opportunity to show what lives in your soul”

He was a wise master builder in a double sense. He was also one of the first Apostles to be appointed as a District Apostle Helper. Apostle (ret.) Leonard Ernest Kolb (USA) has passed away. He was 82 years of age.

He built more than 80 churches

He was born in December 1932 to New Apostolic parents. His brother was born a year earlier. Already as a boy he was interested in building, hoping to be an architect later in life. But when his mother died after a year’s battle with cancer he had just finished high school and there was no money left for university.

He established a construction business in Rochester, New York, at the age of 20. His brother, who had left college to care for their sick mother, joined the business after her death. When Leonard moved to Erie, Pennsylvania, he left the business to his brother and started another construction firm. The business expanded so that the firm eventually built churches, commercial buildings, and pre-fabricated structures.

Leonard Kolb Sr. built more than 80 churches in the USA, starting with the building in Greenville, Pennsylvania, in 1960. “It was always a joy to see that another place of worship had been completed where the Lord’s altar stood,” he said

One of the first District Apostle Helpers

Leonard E. Kolb received his first ministry, that of a Sub-deacon, in October 1954. After his marriage in September 1955 he and his wife followed the request of District Apostle Fendt and moved to Erie, Pennsylvania, to help promote the Church there.

In his new district he was entrusted with further ministries right up to District Elder. In June 1986 he was ordained as an Apostle. Together with John Fendt, Wilbert Vovak, and Erwin Wagner he was appointed as a District Apostle Helper to assist District Apostle Michael Kraus whose district included numerous countries around the world.

The function of a District Apostle Helper had not existed until then. This was an innovation and Chief Apostle Hans Urwyler considered it important enough to write a few lines in the New Apostolic Review. He saw this as a first step in helping to administer and structure large District Apostle Areas. “Our predecessors also found innovative solutions for special circumstances.”

Decades of working overseas

For nearly 50 years, Apostle Kolb Sr. worked and travelled as a minister. Thirty of these years he worked in India; 17 years in Mexico, Nepal, and on a number of South Sea Islands; twelve years in Bangladesh; and for some time in Cameroon and Sudan. “This kind of work expands one’s horizon and helps to broaden one’s feelings for our fellow-man,” he said once. “It also gives us the opportunity to show what lives within our soul—especially when we are alone in a foreign country.”

On 5 November 2015 the retired District Apostle Helper Leonard Ernest Kolb passed away. The funeral on 14 November will not be held by his son, District Apostle Leonard Richard Kolb, but by special request of the deceased by the rector of his home congregation, Evangelist Peter Wagner.


7 thoughts on “A Rose By Any Other Name”

    1. The DA? Do you think these boys are A-OK dismembering families via their lies? Did you read the history of Kolb, Fendt, Schmidt, Freund, and more? They all have government supply chain and military industrial complex positions and don’t come to the table with truth. It ain’t GOD. It’s called criminal cohesion, NAZI style. Since the 1860’s. So if you’re not gonna help, sit back down.


  1. To: ANONYMOUS STD (Systemic Truth Denier)

    ‘Anyone with the last name of Kolb’

    How bout Fendt, Freund, Schmidt, Orlofski, Buehner (administerin’ LA County Pension Fund) sayin’ he’s an ‘apostle’. And many, many more. Like Schneider Elect TRICK. Jean-Luc Schneider. How bout BISCHOFF.

    You boys in black here at #theNAC, global supply chain, North American Energy Power Brokers – they’ve got the county vans all gassed up for ya. Including JOHN FREUND at Kent Cartridge. You’ll see.

    How bout not comin’ to the table to tell the truth about Schneider’s Supply Chain, acquired August 2020? How bout MF lying to Eleanor Cook, saying #theNAC -https://nac-usa.org/ – doesn’t fund CLINTON CARTEL, via K Stefan Heinzelmann, German Import via Starbux 2002?

    That’d be ‘evangelist’ MICHAEL FREUND, who is DOD contractor employee. The one who claimed ‘fear’ of a little girl tellin’ the truth in MD District Court, 1/12/22. He and #schmidtyboy could make that trip, press those charges, after refusing to come to the table of TRUTH.

    #theNACtheCOO Randolph Bauer, CT STEALS CHILDREN FROM THEIR MOTHERS and ABUSES the MENTALLY RETARDED Power BROKER and Supply CHAIN King, New Apostolic ‘Church’ FOREIGN FOR-PROFIT Entity 501c3, NOT For-Prophet #betterWATCHout #betterNOTcry


  2. Sorry about making the absurd satirical point linking you with people who have the same name. However, you did not answer my first question – why do you link everyone with the last name of Kolb to the DA?


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