This is DOPPELGANGER DUPE, chronicling the Global Criminal Cartel of the boys in black, these particular Apostles, Lawyers, Bankers, Engineers, Brokers here:

– New Apostolic Church International (

and their infiltration into our schools, banks, engineering firms, DOD contracting firms, IMF, DHS and much, much more. They are harmers, controllers and family dismembermenters. All the way. All the day. And definitely, part of the night.

Michael Freund told Erin Cook, in writing, that Jean-Luc Schneider (Chief-Apostle) of International Organization of New Apostolic Church (strait outta France) was certainly NOT the same Jean-Luc Schneider that Portugal autonomously investigated in the BES/ESFG crimes, involving Criminal Association, Money Laundering and a whole lotta other unGODly activities.

Michael Freund grew up with Erin Cook, and her mentally retarded twin sister, in the New Apostolic Church. Virginia District. Not Pennsylvania District. Get.It.Straight. You see. He lied to her and her elderly mother and sister, and willfully, with much malice, dismembered that family.

Because he would not come to the table of TRUTH. He told Erin Cook’s elderly, widowed mother (he’s known her since his very own infancy) that Erin Cook is a liar. Her mother grew up above one of their constructs they call a church and is indoctrinated. Her father was Rector / Evangelist for the Baltimore congregation for many years. It’s deep, wide, long and storied. The whole deal. Now their deal’s done.

Michael Freund, Leonard Kolb, Thomas Schmidt all confirmed to my mother that #theNAC does not fund the Clinton Cartel. Problem is, ya see, the papers say different. K. Stefan Heinzelmann STYLE. German import, circa 2002, StarbuX style. He’s their CFA and heavily involved in the Clinton Global Educational FUND.

These boys in black believe, because they are our government (DHS, IMF, UN, DOD contractors and much more) that they are beyond reproach. When what they’re really beyond is the pale. The pale that they instituted. GOD is shuttin’ ‘em down. Old Testament Style. ‘Cause that’s all these boys in black understand. AMEN.

Doppelgänger – Wikipedia


  1. What proof do you have that it IS the same Jean-Luc Schneider? Here is some significant proof that they are NOT the same person from the very source that you have shared multiple times. Again, this is coming from a non-NAC who is simply interested in the truth.

    “Jean-Luc Schneider has been a member of ESFG’s Senior Management for 13 years. He is responsible for the EFSG Group’s consolidation and financial reporting. He worked for American Medical International. Switzerland as a regional controller from 1976 to 1989. His current position at ESFG is Senior Vice President.”

    According to Wikipedia and the NAC, CA Schneider was born in 1959. Do you have proof that that is wrong? If not, then using the dates in ESFG’s biography, he started working as a regional controller for American Medical International at the ripe age of 17! During his time there, he also apparently served in the military (according to his Wikipedia entry) then started working at a French gas company – all while STILL being employed by AMI. When he became Chief Apostle 9 years ago, he was continuing to work to work for ESFG and somehow also was the owner of a large German electric company.

    So… recap. When he was 22, he was working at AMI in Switzerland, in the French military, and working at a French gas company. When he became CA, he was working for NACI in Switzerland, working at ESFG in Portugal, and being the owner of a German gas company.

    Now, either this guy puts Elon Musk to shame and can multitask like very few people in history…OR he is NOT the same Jean-Luc Schneider that works as ESFG…OR the Wikipedia page/NAC biography of him is completely falsified (and he is much older than what they claim). Which is most likely to be true? How do you reconcile the conflicts in the 2 biographies?


      1. *Clinton Cartel Funders. ‘We have no idea what Erin is talking about’. *South Africa Cape Times refused to run article on criminal evangelists there. ‘We have no idea what Erin is talking about.’
        That’s what happens when you run God’s Word as a business – International STYLE. LIARstyle.


  2. If you do respond, please bring facts such as Schneider’s real birth date and employment history to show which parts of the NAC’s biography are incorrect.


    1. Per Michael Freund, in writing, March 2021 ‘We don’t know who any of the chief-apostles fathers are’. ONUS is on these boys in black to ‘BRING FACTS’, not their money-train flock they love to abuse – including the mentally retarded and elderly. They’ve refused to talk truth and you know it.
      Global Criminal Syndicate at #theNAC. Global. Schneider Electric Global. Supply Chain Global, ProLeit AG Global – food, pharma, brewery, energy. What’s Randolph Bauer, their COO, doin’ with global supply chains? #soundGODLY?
      Just like the Caped Crusaders in South Africa – #NAC evangelists gettin LOCKED UP for startin’ illegal banks. iChange Zambia. The Clinton Cartel funding, and lying about it. GODLY men don’t do what these little boys in black are doing -they don’t steal and divide. They don’t harm the flock. Psychologists in Switzerland Soiree meetings, for starters. SECRECY, for stoppers.
      1/12/22 – the Court witnessed their lies and abuse. #schmidtyboy and MF and their counsel – Venerable who this ‘church’ has on retainer for LOTS of cases that the state of MD now removed from public consumption.
      That’s all just for starters. See ya in Court. Along with all of the other families you’ve harmed.


  3. Just as I thought – your responses do not address the question I asked about JLS’s birthdate or any other biographical information that might contradict the NAC’s published information about him. Besides sharing the same name as one of their (former?) senior managers, there is NOTHING that links him to BES/ESFG.

    You keep saying it’s the NAC’s responsibility to provide this information, but that is wrong on a few counts:
    – the person bringing the charges, or going against the commonly held belief, is responsible for providing the evidence. This is like the Flat Earth believers – it is not up to those who believe in the globe to produce this evidence. It is up to the Flat Earthers to show a working model that correctly explains distances, tides, sunrise/sunset, eclipses, how the moon and sun are viewed from Earth, etc.
    – reasonable people could see that the JLS of banking fame in Portugal is NOT the same as the JLS serving as leader of the NAC due to the biographies of the two men. It is clear as day. Yet, you will fail to believe that despite a total lack of evidence to the contrary. Same with Schneider Electric – there is absolutely NO proof that JLS is tied to that company in any way. Just because you keep repeating it doesn’t make it true. Bring FACTS to the table!

    There is enough wrongdoing in the NAC to write a book on. Your points about Peter Lambert in South Africa are interesting and worth pressing the NAC on, and that is because it is based on facts. Kolb’s lumber company did make money building churches for the NAC – that is worth talking about. Making up elaborate conspiracy theories of the NAC controlling the Global Supply Chain through BES and Schneider Electric when there is no proof is simply laughable. These men aren’t that smart, and are not big enough fish to ever do such a thing. Sure, Kolb might own lumber and real estate companies and Boehner is attorney for a pension fund (he does not run it), but they are miniscule in the grand scheme of things.


  4. Speaking of books, is your’s just going to be a collection of Wikipedia articles and literal “copy-and-pasted” items from other websites? Or is there going to be something worthwhile to read in there?

    Here is a deal for you: If you can reply to this post with some actual facts (on this blog, not since I am NOT subscribing and giving you personal information) tying the JLS in charge of the NAC with the JLS who worked at BES, I will buy a copy of your book or 2 Schmidty-boy hats. But it has to be actual facts, not just conspiracy theory ramblings about Global Supply Chains and the Clinton Cartel. Pictures of JLS with BES officials, his “real” birthdate, timelines, interviews with NACI workers who say JLS was always travelling to Portugal, etc. – those would all work.


    1. Since you haven’t responded, I do need to know the price of the book and hats – I can’t spend a fortune. Secondly, where is that money going to go? What does the money from your GiveSendGo get used for? Does it all just go for your personal use?


  5. I’ll correct myself…it is not confirmed, but it does seem extremely likely that the JLS in the link I posted above wrote that document. He is a highly accomplished economist who worked for the IMF.

    But, what do I know? I guess there is a possibility that the same person who is the head of a international church and who supposedly also works for a bank in Portugal and owns a German electric company ALSO works for the IMF. It’s not like Jean-Luc Schneider is a common name, or anything. Like I said before, he simply puts Elon Musk and Bill Gates to shame while managing to hide his wealth and power from everyone except Erin Cook.


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