Robbin’ From PETER To Pay WHO? #goodbyePETER #schmidtyboy

04 Feb 2016 at 20:29pm

Peter Lamberts covers up a priests fraud

I logged a complaint to Peter Lambert at New Apostolic head office that 1 of his priests have commited fraud by lying under oath at SAPS to defraud Valkenberg hospital and the unethnical and hypocrital life he lives. I sens proof to Peter.

17 Sep 2021 at 12:40pm

Married for over 10 years and still struggling to get registered… Pathetic

I am very upset that after almost 10 years I’m still struggling with having my marriage registered, just over 10 years ago we got married at heideveld congregation and up till today, we are still struggling to have our marriage registered. Each time we are told we should remarry to get registered, what **** is that, we had a beautiful wedding and have a marriage certificate but no one can help us for years now This is absolutely pathetic and sad to think a born new apostolic has to endure this kind of treatment I need someone to get back to me as soon as possible regarding this cause I feel this should be made public, to show how slack God’s servants are treating such a blessing as if it’s nothing Please HELP **********

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