NAZI ‘church’ Circa 1863 – The OG HAMBURGlars

#schmidtyboy HOLDINGS Are they changing their name to ‘Crescent’ Electric? Did you hear anything about that? And why doesn’t ‘chief-apostle’ Jean-Luc Schneider want to say who his Daddy is? Or his grandaddy? That’s against the law, isn’t it? To hide all of his holdings from the Flock? Isn’t he in a self-appointed position of Trust?

Do you think he knows how to spell the word ‘F-I-D-U-C-I-A-R-Y’? How ’bout GOD?

GLOBAL CRIMINAL SYNDICATE – Abusin’ the weak. Lyin’ to the innocent. Denyin’ Truth. Sayin’ they’re Godly. Plausible Deniability STYLE.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the same people entrusted to protect us from this heinous evil, are most often the same ones behind these very pulpits, aiders and abettors to the intentional infliction of psychological harm and damage – if not the inflictors themselves. God ain’t happy with these #boysINblack. These GREAT Pretenders.

Fleecin’ the flock, including those they’ve known for 80 plus years. Including the elderly and the mentally retarded.

Family Dismemberment Specialists. TRAINED OPERATIVES who think their blood is better than The Flock’s. Who think they are entitled to lie, cheat, defame and bring in illegals to sovereign territory. And take $1 Million inheritance from a member of their flock, because they didn’t tell the truth. A former contributing organist, life-long member, no less. They’re real sweethearts, aren’t they?

Lettin’ elderly members of the Flock lose their homes, while telling those members it’s ‘God’s Will’. FENDT-in-ALL style. John Fendt, another of NY’s unfinest. Yep – he did all that – and more. Much more. Financial thug STYLE. Wizards of the World STYLE.

SHHH – Quiet Title Acquisition STYLE

That 1 Million’s gonna look like chump change by the time God’s done. He’s Comin’ In Hot!

Service With A Smile STYLE

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